Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Review of "Coming Home" by Anna James

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It's been two years since Christine Kincaid fled to London after seeing her sister in the arms of her fiance, James. Now, she's back, after much soul-searching and a surprising reunion with some long-lost family. She realizes now that she may have made a mistake and is determined to try to win James back.

James Buchanan didn't know why Christine left as suddenly as she did, but it hurt him to the core. Their relationship before that had been a little rocky. He felt Christine was focusing too much on her career and not enough on their future. But, he never banked on her leaving him like that. Now that she's back, he's torn between his love for her and bitterness over her sudden departure.

In this contemporary novel by Anna James, there is a classic timeless love story, inter-weaved with some dramatic family scandals. Both main characters were easy to relate to, but I really wanted to just sit the two of them down and make them talk it out. It seemed that both Christine and James had a stubborn streak a mile wide.

Their families (apart from the back-stabbers) were endearing, and their interactions were written with great clarity. The romance was sweet when James and Christine would let their guards down long enough to allow it. There was one love scene that was pretty hot, but not too graphic. Lovely setting for it, I might add!

If I had to nitpick about anything, I would have liked the obstacles between them to have been a little more challenging to overcome. Otherwise, Coming Home was a great story--a fast, compelling read that kept me turning the pages and rooting for James and Christine to finally make their way home to each other.

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