Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review of "Rogue for a Night" by Jenna Petersen

Jenna Petersen brings yet another hot escapist read with Rogue for a Night. This regency historical romance is a rather short read, but full of steamy romance that I just couldn't put down.

Lucinda Stoneworth is a lonely widow of London's high Society, who lost her beloved husband two years prior. She's now raising their two young daughters on her own. Her late husband's twin brother Nicholas (Stone), and his wife Jane invite her to stay with them at their country home for a while. She reluctantly leaves her children with their grandparents and joins them.

Ronan (Rage) Riley, who lived a previous life alongside Stone as an underground boxer, is now living among the aristocracy. As Stone's estate manager, he is begrudgingly obliged to attend the social functions of his employer. Of course, he is present when Lucinda arrives at the country estate. He's always had an eye for her, but never acted upon it while Lucinda was married (and obviously in love with) her husband.

From their first reunion, the two of them share an immediate attraction, and begin a secret affair during Lucinda's stay at the estate. Both of them know that Society's expectations say a woman of her status and a man of his should not be together. But, when they realize how much they love each other, they both have to choose whether to follow their hearts and ignore the social stigmas.

As with all of Jenna's reads, the writing is fluid, the love scenes are steamy, and the romance is heart-warming. If I had to nitpick something, I would have liked them to overcome a few more obstacles and perhaps utilize Rage's former boxing talents a little more.

My verdict: If you want a fast, compelling, hot romance, pick up Jenna Petersen's Rogue for a Night, available in Kindle version on and in Nook version at Barnes and Noble. You won't be disappointed.

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