Thursday, September 15, 2011

Calling All Emotionally-Challenged Characters!

Buy it HERE!
Hey peeps! Do your characters suffer from too much smiling, frowning or tears streaming down their cheeks? Do you want to explore how to more effectively convey emotion through creative means and not telling ("He was angry", etc.)?

I've been perusing this book from bestselling author Ann Hood and decided that the related exercises are worth doing. But, as in most things writing-related, if I do it in a vacuum, it's not nearly as helpful as having a friend or two to bounce ideas around.

If you're like me and have characters who smile so much people wonder what they're up to, how about you join with me and do some of these exercises?

Under the pic is the Amazon link for the book. Since I've never started a writing group like this, I thought I'd ask and see who's interested first. To avoid copyright badness, I'll ask everyone to first let me know if you're interested, buy the book,(or find it at your library, etc). Then, we'll dive into each lesson one by one and offer feedback to each other.

We could start our own Facebook group to do this or use e-mails. Facebook groups are great because you can post on a discussion board. We can give feedback to each other as we go along.

So, raise your hand (comment or e-mail) if you want to slap those smiles off your characters' faces!



  1. :^(

    No kindle version? How am I supposed to read it? You mean I have to actually *turn pages*?


    I probably won't join (I think my amazon account is down to $10 again. Sigh. I constantly buying more cards it seems), but I wish you the best of luck.

  2. J, you poor thing! Having to turn pages!!! :)

    There are some used versions...*hint*

  3. Count me in! But give me some time to catch up with real life. Homecoming is killing me!

  4. I'm in. I think the Facebook page is a good idea. If the exercises are good ones, we should each make a blog entry at our respective blogs and then list each other's blogs as participants of the assignment maybe? Just another thought.

  5. I just bought the book. Can't wait to check it out. It was .49 and 3.99 for shipping. :)

  6. Sure Lindsey I'll wait for everyone to get the book and probably be a week or so.

    Great idea Diane and great deal too!

  7. I'd be interested if I find the time and if I can get hold of the book (not a given in Gabon...)

    Malena from F2K


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