Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm a Bzzing Again!

OMG! I've caught wind of a new Kindle 3 Bzz Campaign. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE my Kindle. It was my mother's day gift and boy, do I use it!

I'm in love. Can't ya tell?
As a writer, I read as much as possible and love to review books too. Though I love the feel of a real book, the convenience of e-books is priceless. Wherever I go, my Kindle goes too. I even use it at church with a Kindle-formatted Bible. It's so easy to flip through chapters and find anything. You can even make notes and highlight things.

And, I have a spiffy hot pink leather case with a reading light that perfectly matches my iPhone cover. My hubby knows me so well. Call me fashionably techno.

Why else do I love this device so much? The Kindle has opened up more reading opportunities for me, as a mom of three kids. When we travel, I take it along. I've got enough to pack with five people in the family. It saves space so I don't have to lug two or three books along or cram them into my purse. It's already filled with gummy snacks and Kleenex.

While I'm not certain I'll get into this campaign, I had to spread some Bzz about it anyway. If you have a Kindle, what do you think about it? Feel free to add your comments below.



  1. I love my Kindle, too! At first, I stuck up my nose at such blasphemy. How could anything replace an actual book? Then someone showed me there's, and I couldn't deny their awesomeness!

  2. I don't have one. :( I wish I did, but maybe I'll buy one after I get a job and some money to go with it. I do admit it's not on my top list of priorities since I really love the covers and smell of books :) What can I say? I'm into pictures :D

  3. It's so handy! Not feeling like reading the mystery you haven't finished, just go to a Historical Novel. Not what you want, what about a comedy? My Kindle has over 100 books on it, and I add more all the time. I convert pdf files to mobi - I can't read pdfs properly on my Kindle - and I can read anything from Tacitus to Poe, Dean Koontz to Janet Evanovich, and there's still more on the thing, waiting to be read!

    Almost finished that book? Well, I don't have to carry another with me, in case I do finish. The next book is right there! LOL

    Love it! A gift from my brother. Perfect! :D

  4. Benning do you go through Amazon to convert to .mobi?


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