Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review of "A Scoundrel's Surrender" by Jenna Petersen

The third book in the Billingham Bastards series by Jenna Petersen didn't really go out with a bang; instead, it tugged at the heart.

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Two years ago, Caleb Talbot ran from the news that he was yet another bastard son of the late Duke Billingham. Consequently, he also left Marah Farnsworth, with whom he'd shared an intense, but brief affair. When he gets the news that the man who raised him is dying, Caleb returns, ready to face his demons. He's not quite prepared to face Marah again, but every interaction makes him realize just how much she had meant to him after all.

Marah Farnsworth grew up with her own inner demons, and when Caleb left, she fled back to her grandmother's village to live a simple life. Her dear friend, Victoria, Caleb's sister-in-law, begs her to come back since her husband's father is very sick. Always one to put others before herself, Marah agrees. Except, when she sees Caleb again, the feelings come rushing back. But so do her fears. Afraid he'll abandon her like before, Marah agrees to marry someone steadier, someone she doesn't love in the least.

Now it's Caleb's job to be the man he's always wanted to be. He must choose to fight for Marah as the scoundrel he's always been or demonstrate the selflessness he admires so much in her.

This story was tame in the physical aspects compared to Jenna's other works, but for me, Caleb and Marah's story was the most touching of the series. Their battles with personal struggles were poignant. Both of them had to evolve into stronger people over the course of their story, and I found the resolution very satisfying. I did feel that the stakes could have been higher, the obstacles even tougher to overcome. Even in a romance novel, it's nice to have that little worry in the back of your mind that the two of them might NOT actually end up together. That wasn't the case here.

But, Jenna's fans won't be disappointed. I highly recommend this and the entire series for the Regency romance readers out there.

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