Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Character Interview with Lillyanne Sawyer

Answering the call for a character interview made by J. Andrew Jansen...

I present Lillyanne Sawyer, a lovely halfling woman with a fiery spirit and a no-nonsense approach to life. She's a valuable member of the Leogard Intelligence Organization because of her gift for healing, loyalty, and swordsmanship. As partner to the L.I.O.'s lead scout, the wood elf Jayden Ravenwing, Lilly's saved his hide more than once or twice. Her best friend just happens to be Serenya Crowe, the heroine of Book Two. For years, Lilly's harbored a...

Lillyanne: Excuse me! Are ye just gonna be doin' all the talkin' or can I get a word in edgewise?

Me: Oh, I'm sorry, Lilly. What would you like to say?

Lillyanne:  Since ye asked, ye were gonna tell the whole world that I've had a thing for Jay for the last ten years. It's not a secret. Ye blabbed about it enough in that first book of yers. At least ye didn't show me doin' my business on the pot!

Me: I wouldn't do that!

Lillyanne: Why not? Ye show Jay cavortin' with noble elven women and my best friend and ye like to have him walkin' around naked as the day his mother birthed him. What's with that?

Me: Well, he IS quite the looker.

Lillyanne: Yeah, but ye don't have to have him flauntin' his parts all over the place.

Me: You're very protective of Jayden. Why?

Lillyanne: Isn't it obvious? Jay may be a century old, but he'll never learn to keep his head out of the clouds and stop chasing every pretty thing that walks past. If he'd look down, he might see what was right in front of him.

Me: You, right?

Lillyanne: Tyr's blood! It's not like it matters now. I've got my Sammy, and he's all I need.

Me: So, you're happy I put you with him?

Lillyanne: Well, he did rather drop out of thin air in here in Book Two, but yes, he's a good and decent man. Self-employed and picks up after himself. Can't ask for more than that. At least he appreciates me.

Me: I wanted that for you. I know how you felt about Jayden.

Lillyanne: Jay's a fine man, really, but I've come to understand (since ye won't have it any other way) that we wouldn't work like that. We're friends and partners, and that's good enough for me. But, ye better assure me of one thing.

Me: What's that?

Lillyanne: If he ends up with Renny and so much as touches another woman's business, I'll pop over to whatever world ye're from and rip ye a new one!

Me: Whoa! I totally understand. Between you and Renny, I think Jayden's got a good chance of redemption.

Lillyanne: Ye better believe it! I gotta go help Sammy at the store. Apparently it's a nice one, though I'm not even sure it has a name.

Me: I'll get on that.


  1. I see you took up the challenge then :)

    Good interview. Question is...did you learn anything new from Lillyanne? I love to hear how characters surprise their authors when you let them talk freely.

  2. Lol! Funny. She put you in your place O:) I've always liked her. I just hope she'll do some of this to Jayden soon. (in this book too)

  3. I did learn a few things, Ian. I didn't realize she was quite so protective of Jayden. Lilly's got a real maternal instinct that's coming out amid the threats of physical harm :)

    And she reminded me I haven't named Sammy's store yet either!

  4. HA! That was great fun. I like Lilly a lot. She says exactly what's on her mind. I hope she and Sammy have a long, happy life together. :)

  5. Loved it. Lilly is completely awesome. Thanks for taking up the challenge.

    Think there might be any of your readers that would be up to the challenge?



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