Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Christmas Memory with Author Mila Ramos

I'm sneaking one more in on this final day of the year! Join Mila Ramos as she remembers trying to catch "The Fatman" in the act, only to be left wondering to this day about what she really saw...Read on!

I’d like to thank Mysti for her invitation to post a Christmas memory. It happens to be one of my favorite memories of the holiday season.

Last night, funny enough, I was walking with my oldest niece around the block. She is 10-years old and at the age where she wants to know the people around her. More importantly she is trying to figure out what makes the people in her life so interesting. One of the questions on that night’s walk was a favorite memory I had about myself and her father (my younger brother). 

When I was much younger, about my niece’s age, my younger brother and I were phenomenally gifted at hiding from my parents during Christmas. Somehow over the course of our childhood, we managed to create a secret room (a fort in the closet) where we would hide and wait for Santa Clause to arrive. In our young thinking, we believed that if we could catch The Fatman in the act of delivering toys, we could negotiate for better presents. Now I do realize that in our young thinking this was preposterous but we had spent a year time (which in kid time is a few days tops) plotting and planning for this big moment.

Obviously, it was the Stardust
Propulsion Unit!
So there we are, the big moment. The moment that we had planned for all this and we are stopped short in our tracks.  Sneaking from our secret hideaway, we passed the living room window to look for Santa. In that search, my brother and I see a red tail in the sky. Staring in complete awe we gazed at the comet tail or whatever it was, and whispered at each other if Santa knew we were plotting to see him. Most importantly we wondered if in plotting to try to see Santa he had considered us “naughty”?  Oh no what would we do! Apparently though, Santa still found us to be good kids because not only did we get the surprises we always wanted but we received a few more that were not expected. Did that make Christmas unique to us? Yes it did and in the overall the secret plotting didn’t matter.  We believed we saw Santa fly by through the nighttime sky and that was enough for us.

Now to this day my brother and I have no clue what really was in the sky that night. Was it just a falling star? Fumes of some chemical that made the sky look red? No clue. But what we do know is that Christmas is not just a day for presents and believing in hokum, but Christmas is a day when make-believe actually came true.

Mila was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At an early age she learned the valuable secrets books contained. It all started with the Lois Duncan book, “A Gift of Magic.” Mysterious worlds, faraway places helped nourish different ideas and concepts of the real world. It was through this that she discovered a whole new realm of depth.

The books ranged, and as they did so did her love for different types. Starting with William Shakespeare, Mila went through all the literary bests; William Blake, Joseph Conrad, Anais Nin, Leo Tolstoy, Ayn Rand, Maya Angelou, Victor Hugo. Until one day she read a book that changed her life, her first true romance book where characters were real, came to life, and could be the person next door. From there the world expanded from Nora Roberts, Karen Marie Moning, JR Ward, and beyond. With these authors, her writing took a new turn to role group playing and writing in the paranormal scene. Through this, the stories had more vivid ideas and better yet were actually getting heard.

She currently working on her doctorate in Organic Chemistry and resides in Texas, with her husband, family, friends. Her favorite genres are: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Erotica and anything her mind concocts. Crazy and silly as the ideas she sometimes has, her heart is as true as gold and hopes her readers enjoy the stories she writes as much as she loves to write them.

Mila Ramos, Paranormal & Contemporary Romance
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  1. Thanks for coming, Mila! I wish you a happy new year filled with more stories!!

    I hope everyone enjoyed these posts. I'll be taking a break from the blog for a while to finish up my WIP. See ya soon :)

  2. That's a lovely story, Mila… It reminds of me of when I was nine and wanted to leave a gift for Santa, as a thank-you. My son wanted to do the same this year, without knowing about my memory, and then of course his sister had to do the same… These are the moments that help make the holiday special.

  3. Great story. Love Christmas, and love hearing others stories. I am sad the holidays are over, but glad because everything was just so busy. Ready for things to settle. Have a happy new year.


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