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An Interview with Author Anna James, Take 3

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I'm very pleased to have one of my favorite authors and writer friends back for a third interview here on Unwritten. Welcome back, Anna James! You may remember my first two interviews with Anna HERE and HERE. I've read four of her books now, all of them exciting contemporary romances, full of intrigue and passion.

She's just released her fifth book, the sequel to Guilty as Charged [see my review HERE]. This one is called Shattered Dreams [and my review HERE], both of them published by Sugar and Spice Press. Here is a little more about it:
        Natalie and Reed seemed so happy when they got married just a few short months ago. But an unexpected pregnancy and a subsequent miscarriage throw their marriage into turmoil.         Natalie deals with the loss by burying herself in work. Reed is supportive but doesn’t understand why she is spending so much after-hours time with her handsome, sexy boss. And what about their dream of having a family? How can that happen when with each passing day Natalie becomes more distant?
        Will Reed and Natalie find a way to work things out or will all their dreams be shattered?

So, Anna, at our last interview in June, you had just released Visions, an erotic paranormal novella. Have your readers enjoyed that one?

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Yes. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on this story. 

How about your non-writing life--what's been happening since June?

I have been traveling around the US for the last few months for my day job, I got to take a short vacation on Cape Cod and short vacation in NYC.

You also have a third book coming that takes place after Shattered Dreams, right? Can you tell us about that one? 

The last book in the Bradford Sisters Trilogy is currently entitled Shattered Illusions. It's Kate Bradford's story. Kate is the youngest Bradford sister. Here is a taste of the book to whet your appetite:
Four years ago Kate Bradford met Raffaello D’Onofrio while attending a semester abroad. Rafe ran the family vineyard in the Lazio region of Italy but the thing that attracted her to him most, besides his ruggedly handsome good looks, fathomless deep blue eyes, and well-toned body, was his love of art. It was a passion they shared.
He had been the perfect man as far as she was concerned and in a few short months she fell deeply in love. She had thought that love was returned. Then she found Annalisa De Luca in his apartment wearing nothing but the shirt Rafe had been wearing the evening before. All her illusions were shattered. Distraught and wanting to escape the pain of Rafe’s betrayal, she returned to her home in Chicago, IL.
Now Rafe is back in her life and much to her chagrin, she is still attracted to him. How can just one look from those sexy blue eyes affect her so deeply and what is she going to do about it?
 Rafe D’Onofrio has just agreed to allow the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art to display his unique art collection—a collection he has always kept private until now. This after learning the museum’s new assistant curator was none other than Kate Bradford. Once he had thought himself in love with her but after her abrupt departure from his life with no explanation he convinced himself it was just an illusion. So why, after all this time, can the mere mention of her name still send his pulse soaring? And what is he going to do about it?
 Will Rafe and Kate shatter the illusions of the past and find love again? Or are they too much to overcome?

I'm always impressed with such prolific writers. At this time in my life, I'm lucky to get a sentence written without interruption. Since you first started, do you feel like the writing process is easier now? What would you tell other busy women who find it hard to sit down long enough to write anything of length?

Let me first say that I still get interrupted all the time! Now, to answer your questions, as far as finding time to write, I'd say yes it's easier to sit down and find time to write now that my children are older, however, I have also gone back to work full time since my children have gotten older so there are still constraints on my time. Sometimes weeks can go by between times when I write although I make a consertited effort not to let that happen. And there's more than just writing involved. There's edits and the promotional side of things. These also take away from writing time and I find it to be a huge balancing act. My advice to busy women is to "just do it" even if you only write a paragraph or two in one sitting. Keep at it and before you know it you'll have a story.

You know I have to throw in my semi-famous random question. This one's good. What did you ask Santa for this year, and do you think you'll get it? 

I asked Santa for an Acer 10" tablet.  The tablets are so much lighter than carrying a laptop when traveling. The screen is also much bigger than an e-reader so it's easier to read an ebook.
As to whether or not I think I'll get it.... I believe Santa will come through for me on this one! As a matter of fact I know he will.  I'm also hoping he will throw in a light weight silicone keyboard.

Finally, could you please share an excerpt from Shattered Dreams?
New Release!

Reed walked into the house and found Natalie asleep on the couch. She is so beautiful; he thought and leaned down to lightly brush a strand of hair away from her face. It was pale. That meant she’d been sick again. He bent over and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled. “Hi, sweetheart. I didn’t mean to wake you.”
Natalie stretched and sat up. “What time is it?”
Reed glanced at his watch. “It’s a little after five.”
“Oh no, we’re supposed to be at the house for the barbecue in less than an hour. Why didn’t you wake me?” she asked and stood up. “Oh, God.” She groaned and swayed then dropped back down.
“Honey, are you okay?”
“Yes. I’m just a little dizzy.”
“Don’t move. I’m going to call Max and tell him we’ll have to reschedule,” he said as he pulled his cell phone from its holder.
Natalie put her hand on his arm. “No, don’t do that. I’ll be fine in just a minute. I just stood up too fast, that’s all.”
“Nat, I’m worried about you.”
She smiled wearily. “I’m fine. Maybe if I eat a little something I’ll feel better. Can you get me some saltine crackers, please?”
“Are you feeling nauseous?”
“No, but I didn’t eat anything for lunch—”
“I thought you were meeting your sisters?”
“I did but they ordered fish and I got one whiff of it and had to run for the bathroom.”
“Were they surprised why you told them you were pregnant?” Reed asked and smiled.
“I didn’t tell them.”
He frowned. “Didn’t they wonder why you were suddenly sick?”
“I didn’t give them the opportunity to ask.”
“I thought you would have told them.”
“Why? You know I don’t want to tell anyone right now.”
Reed dragged his fingers through his hair and sighed. “I told Max this afternoon.”
“Damn it, Reed. We agreed to wait.”
“I know, I know but I really thought you’d say something and… Oh, Nat please don’t cry.”
“I can’t help it. I didn’t want to say anything. Not yet and we agreed. Why did you tell him? You know he’ll say something to Nicole and… Oh God,” she sobbed even harder then turned and ran from the room.

I'm so happy you came back, Anna! I wish you the best, and stop in again anytime!

Thanks so much for having me at Unwritten again. I always enjoy coming here!


  1. Hi Mysti - Thanks for having me again!


  2. Great interview, Anna. You can always be relied upon for interesting reading.


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