Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Christmas Tale with Author Sultry Summers

Today, Sultry Summers discusses the story that helped her get over a Scrooge of a slump. Read on!

A couple of years back I was confronted with writing a Christmas book. For me, this wasn’t an easy task – I’m a direct descendant of Scrooge. Enough said. Considering I write Science Fiction and Fantasy you’d think this would still be an easy task and I’d set aside my grumpy seasonal attitude and get on with it. Well I did – sort of.

I wrote Christmas Rescue. A short Christmas tale of a young lady rancher who, as of the first of the New Year will lose her family’s hundred year old ranch. Her step mother and step brother, both nasty characters, managed to swindle her now passed father into willing the ranch to them IF his daughter, Christine, didn’t show a profit on the ranch in a short period of time, which she didn’t. Christmas Eve arrived to find Christine alone on the ranch and depressed. Arrangements were made for her small herd of breeder cattle to go to another breeder ranch and her two horses, both more pets than working stock, would go to a children’s ranch. Christine sat alone in the out-door hot tub with a stiff drink and staring at the clear Afton Wyoming star-lit sky. One of those stars fell and it didn’t take a degree in science for her to know it was a meteor that slid into her pasture. It was a space ship. In the ship a man in need of rescue as much as Christine was but in different ways.

Christine pulled Trinous, the ship’s pilot, from his damaged ship unconscious. Unable to see what he looked like, due to his pressure suit and helmet, she demonstrated her compassion regardless. Upon his awakening, after Christine took off his helmet, both found their physical attraction too great to ignore or resist. Over the next several days Trinous and Christine face several challenges while they deal with their hot physical relationship.

The Air Force is actively looking for Trinous after having tracked his ship as it crashed. Christine is plagued with unwanted visits from her step-family, and there is another, other-worldly challenge.

Christmas Rescue is one of the most popular of the books I’ve written. It’s a light hearted Science Fiction, Fantasy and over the years read throughout the year, not just at Christmas. For those who’ve read it, there will be sequel, next year about Christmas time. Yes, I’ll put my Scrooge on hold and follow up the two main characters of Christmas Rescue as their lives continued after their first meeting. So get ready! Look forward to next Christmas – possibly just before.

For more current coming soon releases, I’m working on edits for two new books due out this first part of 2012. One from Melange Books, Submission In Time and one From Decadent Publishers, Tail Of The Dragon. Both involve time travel and both are innovative and I believe my readers will find them intriguing. That isn’t all I have planned for the New Year, but those are the first two contracted.
Sultry Summers

I’ve published as Sultry Summers for about six years. While we lived in Florida where I picked up the pseudonym Sultry Summers I enjoyed writing in the hot tub in the evening on the back porch. Since moving to North Carolina, I use my office more and enjoy the view of the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains. I live only a few minutes’ walk from the Little Tennessee River and this summer plan on spending some time writing by that beautiful, historic stream. It is inspiring to look out my dining room’s glass doors and see a variety of wild life from squirrels to deer and the population of birds if amazing. Though we do live in N.C. we can walk across the state line into Georgia and so many areas remind me of Gone With the Wind. I’ll admit to being tempted to try writing a historical. Keep watching…

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  1. Hi, Mysti & Sultry!

    Super post. :) Christmas Rescue sounds fantastic!

  2. Great post, Sultry. Fascinating story line


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