Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Review of You Can't Go Home Again by Aubrianna Hunter

You Can't Go Home AgainYou Can't Go Home Again by Aubrianna Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you need need to spice up your reading time, you'll want to pick up Aubrianna Hunter's 'You Can't Go Home Again'. This contemporary erotic romance will have you fanning yourself in no time.

It all begins with Danielle Foster, who has quite the dilemma. Life's been great for her in L.A., working in the film industry and making a name for herself. So different from her previous life in a small Texas town. Though her parents are long dead, most of Danielle's childhood and college friends are still back in Texas. And one of them, Jenn, her BEST friend, is getting married. She wants Danielle to be her maid of honor. Danielle can't turn her down, but the thought of facing Jason Bradford after five years is almost more than she can take.

Danielle (or Dani as her friends call her) and Jason (Jace)were once part of a close-knit circle of friends, until something happened between the two that sent Danielle running to L.A. None of the others know what happened, but as soon as Dani arrives back in town to help prepare for the wedding, it soon becomes clear to everyone that she and Jason have some unresolved issues.

Aubrianna Hunter takes us with Dani and Jace on their tumultuous journey. Be prepared to dive straight into some steamy waters. From the prologue, until the end, the sizzling passion and conflict between these two will keep your heart racing and the pages turning.

I have to admit being aggravated with Dani and Jace for their ongoing stubbornness and refusal to come clean earlier in the story. However, when things finally came to light and the climax emerged, their complexity and vulnerability became clearer and helped me to sympathize better with them until the satisfying conclusion.

I'd recommend this book for adults who enjoy a sizzling erotic read that's not overly graphic, but certainly doesn't take place behind closed doors! Grab your copy today!

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