Monday, September 3, 2012

A Review of "Lost in the Dark" by Joe Mynhardt

Lost in the DarkLost in the Dark by Joe Mynhardt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For anyone who enjoys horror, this collection of short stories by Joe Mynhardt is sure to be a keeper. Twelve horrific tales comprise this anthology. Each one is deliciously different and short enough for a quick read at the bus stop or in a waiting room, maybe even before bed for the braver souls out there!

Among my favorites were the very first one, "The Great Wall of Rubin", with its strong analogy of how addiction can completely consume a person. "Portico", which is being made into an independent film, is your classic "group goes to scary place and you know it won't end well" story, but the gruesome twists will leave you shivering in your seat. "Fashionably Undead" might actually be my favorite of all--it's a new take on zombie horror, with some humor thrown in for a delightful ride. "Lost in the Dark" earns its place as title piece from the fabulous dark fantasy tale set in Mr. Mynhardt's native South Africa.

Every story had its merits, and any issues I found were so minor, it didn't hamper my reading experience. Mr. Mynhardt's overall style is smooth and fitting for each story's cast of characters. I recommend this anthology to any horror fans out there, young adult and beyond.

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