Monday, September 17, 2012

An Interview with Jessica Sawa

I'm very happy to welcome Jessica Sawa, avid reader and mother of two, to Unwritten today. As one of my most active participants in the  20,000TH Hit Giveaway, she won several books and an interview. Since I usually have authors as guests, I'm excited to get a reader's perspective. So, let's get crackin!

Jessica, give us the scoop on the lady on the other side of the screen. Where are you from and what do you do when you're not reading something fabulous?

I am from Belle Vernon Pennsylvania. I do not work right now so life is all about cooking, cleaning, reading my books and taking care of my 13 year old daughter Carmen Maria and 4 year old son Anthony Joseph, They are my heart and soul. I still live with my mommy because when I was little I swore I would never leave her, when I was ready to fly away from the nest she was diagnosed with a heart problem and I swore I would never leave because I cannot imagine my life without her, she is my rock and my best friend. I LOVE to take pictures, I feel they capture the moments in life perfectly and preserve them for future generations. My kids and I love to hike, swim in the river, and camp. anything out doors really. Life definitely has not been easy, but whoever said it would be. I just know I am blessed with a wonderful family and awesome friends.

What are your favorite genres?

Almost anything paranormal: Ghosts, Vampires and so on :) SOME romance IE The notebook. I like anything that can pull me in from the first page on, that can paint a picture in my head as if I am watching it on a movie screen. I will try any genre once, twice to be sure.

Favorite authors?

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J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, Mysti Parker ;), Tara Fox Hall, Stephenie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks, Jenny Twist, Oh my gosh this list goes on forever, I cannot pick just a couple I know that! 

Is there anything in a book that drives you crazy?

Nothing really, but I truly cannot stand when I cannot get into a book, I have forced myself to read books even though I could not get into them but now I feel that takes the fun out of reading so I move on to the next one and try again later because just like taste buds I believe our brains change too and sometimes just sometimes if you try again you might be able to get into that same book you truly could not get past the first chapter before. if ya know what I mean HAHA.

Do you have any special places or routines when it comes to reading a book?

I love to curl up on my couch with a hot cup of coffee (french vanilla creamer) and just get lost. I also LOVE to read during thunderstorms. before I got the Kindle Fire I use to read while I laid out as well, but with the screen it is too hard in those bright sun shining lights!

You've probably heard the recent news reports of authors paying for book reviews. As a reader, if you found that one of your favorite authors paid for reviews, would that affect your desire to read their work?

I have actually never heard of this, I don't believe it would affect my wanting to read their books, although it would be very awesome to get paid to read, I actually do not think I could take a payment from an author for reading and reviewing a book. however, I do like the R2R idea though where the Author will GIVE just the book to the reader for a review. being a single mom of two not working it becomes hard to keep buying books so I believe the R2R is a GREAT idea. :)

Random question time! On a typical Saturday morning, what's for breakfast?

Whatever the kids want, ever since having them I do not get to make the decisions anymore! Bacon is a must with everything though!

Now, grab one of your favorite books, give us the title, author, and the opening line!

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The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch. "I have an engineering problem. While for the most part I am in terrific physical condition I have ten tumors in my liver and I have only a few months left to live." 

This book/Man changed my life and it is a must read by everyone. there is also a video of it as well, look it up and watch it I promise you will be moved from laughter to tears to laughter again. My FAVORITE quote from him is "We Cannot change the cards we were dealt just how we play the hand"

Thanks so much for visiting Unwritten, Jessica! Happy reading!

 Thank you very much Mysti you are an awesome author so please keep up the great writing!!


  1. Hi, Mysti & Jessica!

    Really fun interview. :) I like to read during thunderstorms as well, especially if lots of lightning shows up too.

    I'll check out The Last Lecture!

  2. Loved the interview, Mysti and Jessica

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  4. Great interview Jessica. It's always fun to learn more about my readers!


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