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March Giveaway Madness #10: Spontaneous Combustion: Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible by Miles Gentry

Spontaneous Combustion: Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible 
by Miles Gentry

Shattering the dogmatic interpretations long held by the “churches,” the author has revisited many of the Bible’s mysteries, and now presents the esoteric truths contained within.
Drawing from the study of sacred texts, religious myth and symbols, from the study of metaphysics, psychology, and various occult teachings of the mystery schools, the author has presented a solid case for what he declares to be the true message of the ancients.
An intentionally non-religious work, though dealing with core issues of religion and spirituality, Spontaneous Combustion: Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible proves to be both unique and profound.

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The "fallen" state of mankind has been described in various ways throughout history. In religious myth and legend, we find stories describing man as asleep or forgetful. Other stories depict him as drunken or sedated. The ancients even went so far as to say man is “dead,” or in a condition comparable to death.
All in all, mankind is in darkness. On the surface these descriptions seem absurd. We are not dead, we walk and we talk, we breath and think, we cannot be dead. The ancients were describing something else however. They were telling us, that though we may think we are awake, we are not. This is the “slumbering soul” motif. We are sleeping in the earth (body) like a dormant seed. This dormancy is death, in that we aren’t truly alive. We are living, but we are not alive in the greater sense. This is the urgent message of the ancients, that we must wake up!
It is said that we are living in ignorance, not for the lack of knowledge, but for the lack of gnosis. Gnosis is commonly defined as knowledge, especially pertaining to the human spirit. The 1966 Congress of Messina laid down as its final protocol the proposition that gnosis means “knowledge of the divine mysteries reserved for an elite.” So gnosis is knowledge of the divine mysteries, especially pertaining to the spirit, or soul of man. This is an important point to comprehend, because it sheds light on our situation. Without gnosis, man or woman may have all the worldly knowledge, but never be awake, never be sober, and never “rise from the dead."

***Please leave your NAME & EMAIL in a comment below for a chance to win one of TWO print copies! Drawing 3/21/13***

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  1. The book sounds very interesting to me. I liked the excerpt and would like to read more.

  2. Interesting cover


  3. Oooh this sounds interesting. I've always wondered about certain things in the Bible and how they relate to that time period.

  4. Sounds very interesting...has piqued my curiosity.

  5. Congratz L & Leona--you both won a print copy!

  6. I really want to read this....
    Kathy Ragle


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