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March Giveaway Madness #2: TransShifter by Cindy Borgne

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Our guest post today is with Cindy Borgne, author of Seer of Mars and its sequel “Visionary of Peace.”

Take it away, Cindy...

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When I first considered writing a story located on Mars, I did a lot of speculating about who would settle there first. Of course, I had to consider a conflict situation because a story without conflict is pretty boring. This lead to the idea of having a variety of organizations settle on the red planet, rather than NASA. As we know, rival businesses compete with each other and that rivalry can be fierce. On Mars, when it comes to survival, that competition can be deadly.

But what about in real life?

The goal of man reaching Mars has been considered ever since the 1950s.  Although the plans back in those days were looking forward about 10 to 30 years in the future. Several mission proposals have been submitted by many organizations and space agencies over the years, with little result.  It’s estimated that if a mission to Mars was implemented by NASA it would cost from $30 to $50 billion. However, if done privately the cost would be in the $5 billion dollar range. This, of course, suggests that the private companies operate more efficiently.

So I found it plausible that it would be corporations that make the journey to Mars. But who can afford it? Of course, $5 billion is a lot of money, but it might not be out of range for the very rich. According to Forbes’ 2012 list of billionaires, 205 different individuals have $5 billion or more. Also a group of these people could go in on the project together. But why would they want to do this? The only reason would be publicity and having their name associated with being the first to send humans to Mars. Their names would go down in the history books.

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In my story, the purpose of these corporations coming to Mars is because they want to turn Mars into a launching point to reach an Earth-like planet called Hinun. However, things go wrong when Earth authorities no longer allow immigration back to the blue planet. Earth people in general, cut them off. The main characters aren’t even fully aware of the real reasons for this until book two. These organizations soon evolve into military factions. The strongest one, Marscorp, is determined to fight their way back to Earth at all costs. 

In “Seer of Mars”, the Marscorp Admiral Beacon is fascinated with psychic ability. He’s experimented with it for years and manages to develop psychic children, not only for winning wars, but for much more.

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Thanks for having me today, Mysti.

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  1. Not allowed to return? A one-way Visa doesn't sound very fair.
    It does make sense that independent companies and individuals would be behind colonization rather than the government.

  2. Hey everyone--For extra fun, grab your free copy of TransShifter and answer this question:

    Who are your favorite sci-fi characters?


  4. Just added "Seer of Mars" to my wish list! Great posts! And my favorite Sci-fi character....hmmm...gotta be Dr. Who and CPT Picard! :D

  5. Life on Mars is a great Sci-fi setting, and I wonder why somebody hasn't tried moving up there yet. Like you said, a lot of Billionaires out there.

    I enjoyed your post.

    My faves were Capt. Kirk and Dr. Spock.

  6. Thanks for having me today, Mysti. I love the book placement. One of my favorite Scifi characters is Q from Star Trek.

    Alex: Well, the not allowed to return problem turns up the conflict.

    Hotcha12: Yeah, Data is great.

    Veronica: I hope you enjoy it.

    Jenny: Thanks!

    Leona: I recently heard that a private company wants to fly a married couple around Mars and back. It would take about two years.

  7. Oh yeah, Q from Star Trek was a great character! Of course, Picard was one sexy captain!!

  8. Fantastic concept! I was reading an article about this very thing on the other day. Can't wait to read this one! For me, I think Mars and I not only think Star Trek -- I can't help but think of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall. That was all about corporations running things on the Red Planet, and the repercussions of their corruption. Your work also reminds me of the most excellent Robert A. Heinlein, one of my favourite scifi/fantasy authors. Cheers!


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