Monday, December 9, 2013

50,000TH Hit Giveaway--Strapped for Time? Read some Short Stories!

Welcome to Unwritten's 50,000TH Hit Giveaway in honor of everyone who's dropped by to read this blog! Each day of the giveaway will focus on a different genre, and each giveaway will run for a week. Many generous authors have offered their books for this event, so if you win a book, please consider leaving them a rating/review on Amazon, B&N, and/or Goodreads when you get a chance to read it!

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Giveaway Schedule 

*Author Goodies - Dec. 10 (Special prizes for our participating authors only!)

Our VERY LAST genre features stories that our short, but not too sweet! If you're short on time, the zombies, ghosts, and fairies of these SHORT STORIES are sure to provide a quick but fun read. (PLUS we have a missed Non-Fic entry added here too). We've got a great selection, so take your time, peruse each author's books and prizes, and be sure to enter the giveaways for those you're interested in. All winners will be drawn a week from today. All e-prizes are available worldwide. Physical prizes may have limited shipping (e.g. US/Can only).

1. Haunted Chemistry by Lindsey R. Loucks (1 Kindle)

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2. Horde Trilogy by Gregory M. Thompson (5 E-Book Sets of All Three Novellas)
3. My Only One by Gregory M. Thompson (5 E-Books) *Note: 113 Pages--not exactly a "short" story, but I missed posting it in the Sci-Fi category!*

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4. Away With the Fairies by Jenny Twist (1 PDF or Kindle)
5. Mantequero by Jenny Twist (1 PDF or Kindle)
6. Doppelganger by Jenny Twist (1 PDF or Kindle)

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7. Steve Prefontaine: Rocketman by Bree T. Donovan (1 Print-Available Worldwide***Please note this is an entry I missed in our NONFICTION Category: 167 pages)

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  1. For Lindsey R. Loucks=> I have lived in apartments for my whole adult life so no hauntings...Sorry... :(

    For Gregory M. Thompson=> In a zombie attack, the weapon to my right is my trusty R-6745 Zombie Deathray...

    For Jenny Twist=> All of the dreams that I can remember are as real as real life...SCARY....

    For Bree T. Donovan=> As of right now, I cannot think of any public figures that truly inspires me...


  2. no
    yes, I think so
    can't remember any

  3. Gregory, my Pit Bull will take care of a few zombies.

  4. No hauntings here. Though the house does creak & groan.

  5. I have very weird & vivid dreams, but I always know they are dreams.

  6. Not terribly inspired by any public figures really.

  7. I cannot think of any public figures that truly inspires me I have a lot of authors that do.
    Thank you for the chance.

  8. We have a joker ghost that loves to mess with the lights

  9. I do not believe in true love,and no I don't have dreams


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