Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 Rewind #4: What's Your Thing?

For a few days this month, until I finish some research for my next new blog post, I'm rewinding the clock to some of my favorite guest posts I wrote in 2013. Enjoy!  This short article first appeared on Up All Night Reviews in June, 2013: http://upallnightreviews.blogspot.com/2013/06/hearts-in-exile-by-mysti-parker.html

What's Your Thing?

Everyone has one, even if they don’t realize it. What is this thing? It’s whatever makes you tick, whatever puts the pep in your step, the fire in your veins. Some people are lucky enough to find it early in life. Others never find it at all.

For me, it’s writing. As a full time mom for the past decade, my “thing” became a passion in 2009 when I published my first novelette. Writing is my outlet in these crazy days of taking care of little people 24/7.

I think a lot of people start neglecting their personal interests when kids come along. And I think that’s a huge mistake. Yes, I did it for quite a while, until I realized I had lost touch with the real me—the silly girl who kept her nose in a book and her pen to the paper.

Even those without kids can lose sight of themselves when careers and other responsibilities fill the hours. So, I ask you—have you lost that zest for life, the thing that makes you tick, that makes you you?

Maybe your thing is writing, reading, knitting, painting, cooking, hiking, or golf. Whatever it is, make time for it, especially if you have kids! It’ll make you happier, and happier parents mean happier kids. Plus, you’re teaching your little ones that it’s good and healthy to cultivate their interests.

Q&A: What’s your thing and how do (or how could) you make time for it?

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