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**ATTN Authors** Introducing...Backcover Promotions
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**ATTN Authors** Kate Bainbridge, formerly of Page Turners Book Tours, has just opened a new book promotion service. Here's the info she sent me, and website link. I've worked with Kate for a long time and she has always done a fine job of getting my books some much-needed exposure. Please consider Backcover Promotions for all your promotional needs: 

We would like to introduce you to a brand new website service which aims to suits the promotional needs of everyone in the literary world. Backcover Promotions is fronted by Kate; you may have worked with her before at Read 2 Review or Page Turner Book Tours.

Kate wanted to put together the full promotional service that would be of benefit to those all over the world. To this end she has implemented services for UK Authors and Authors from around the world. All you need to do is stop by and check out what Backcover Promotions has to offer.

We have a launch date of Saturday February 1st 2014. We would love for you to be part of the launch. If you can donate books, merchandise, free advertising on your site or anything else that would be suitable we would love to hear from you. Everyone who contributes to the day will receive a 10% discount on any service booked with BCP and will be mentioned in our sponsors page.

We are looking to work with bloggers too and would love for you to be part of our tour host community. You will receive a link to your website from our tour host page; there are many benefits for anyone who hosts a tour with us.

Indie authors are always welcome at BCP and we would love to work with you to help spread your name, works and voice worldwide.

We would also like to work with Publishers and special discounts will be offered to you if you book in bulk.

Many services that Kate has tested through her career in the literary world and due to this the BCP Reading Group will be a major part of our site. We have our first book set for February - Drowning by Rachel Firasek, a novel not to be missed.

Backcover Promotions encourages you to visit us today, share the word about our services and join us for the launch on Feb 1st.

If you are able to please could you spare 5 minutes to answer a few questions to ensure we have set everything in place that you would want in your field. Thanks in advance!

1) Are you an Author, Poet, Blogger or Publisher?

2) Where in the world are you based?

3) Do you have a website? If so please may I have the URL?

4) Have you visited the Backcover Promotions website? If so what are your thoughts?

5) Is there anything you think we have missed for your particular field?

6) Would you be interested in working with us?

7) Is there any of our groups you wish to join ahead of launch day?

8) Would you be willing to share the details of BCP?

9) Will you be attending the launch on Feb 1st?

10) What offers/discounts would you like to see launch day?

If you would share our social media links and encourage people to visit us. As a one off offer if you refer people and they use the code BCPFEB and let us know who referred them we will offer you, the referrer, 10% on any service you would like to access.

We are very excited about Backcover Promotions and we hope to work with you soon

Many thanks

The BCP Team

Kate Bainbridge
Back Cover Promotions

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