Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Call Me MAYbe Flash Fiction Challenge #15: The Liar by Rebecca Barray

Welcome to the Call Me MAYbe Flash Fiction Challenge!!
All stories begin with "The phone rang" and are no more than 1,000 words. Deadline to submit is May 31. For full contest rules and prize list, visit this link: http://mystiparker.blogspot.com/2013/04/next-month-call-me-maybe-flash-fiction.html

#15: The Liar
Rebecca Barray

The phone rang. 


“Who is this?”

“You called me; who is this?”

“I want you to know, your boyfriend isn’t what you think.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your boyfriend, the one that seems so perfect? The one who always says and does just the right thing? It’s all a game to him.”

“Listen, I don’t know you who you are, or what you think you know, but I don’t have time for this…”

“You’re not the only one on my calling list today, either. I’ve already talked to four others. You’re not quite as special to him as he wants you to believe.” 

“And why should I believe anything you have to say?”

“Believe me or don’t; I don’t really care. I just thought you might want to know. Does he call you ‘wildflower’, or ‘butterfly’?” 

“Wait, how do you know…”

“And don’t you think it’s strange that he can only see you once a week, if even that?”

“He’s busy at work. It’s…”

“… A very stressful time for him now, right? That’s what he told the others, too.”


“And you’ve probably caught him talking to other girls, too. Right? He probably said that they’re crazy?”

“Nope. You’re wrong there. He’s never said that.”

“Then suicidal, maybe. And he just doesn’t want them to do anything to hurt themselves. Is that it?”


“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”

“Who is this?”

“His soon-to-be ex-wife.”

“But he’s not married…”

“I just wanted you to have the warning I wish I’d gotten. Do whatever you want with it. Have a nice life.”

The phone rang again.


“Hey there, wildflower.”

“Hi… I’m not feeling so well right now. Can I call you back later?”

“Well, I’m going to be busy here at work all evening, so you can’t call me. But I can try to call you, if I get a minute.”


“Listen, one more thing. There’s this woman I work with. She’s been hitting on me and trying to get me to go out with her for a while now. I didn’t tell you cause you have nothing to worry about. I told her I have a girlfriend, and I’m not interested in anything else right now, but she just won’t listen. I think she’s a little crazy, honestly. Anyway, I left my phone at my desk when I went to the bathroom earlier and I think she might have been messing with it. I just wanted you to know in case she tries to call you or something.”


“You know how special you are to me, right? I love you.”

“I know.”

“Well, anyway, I’ve gotta get back to work. You know how stressful it is for me right now. I’ll call you later, if I get a chance. Bye-bye, butterfly.”


I picked up my phone and dialed customer service.

“Hello. How can I help you today?”

“I’d like to change my phone number, please.”


Rebecca Barray is a mommy, writer, reader, photographer, and perpetual student. She spends most of her time chasing toddlers, but her precious free time is spent writing, photographing, and learning as much as she can about anything. She has three energetic children, a fun-loving husband, a messy cat, a lazy dog, and some very resilient fish. 

You can find her on FacebookTwitter, and Becca's Blog.


  1. Hi Rebecca, I loved the story.I wouldn't have minded reading a longer story and seeing what really did happen. Even a crazy co-worker probably wouldn't have known those pet names or other details...or would she...he calls from work.

    Seee, I need to know more. You can get a lot of mileage from this.

    Great job.

  2. Thanks, Leona! She's changing her phone number... Is it so the first caller can't call her anymore, or the second??

    1. I loved that twist at the end. Not everyone can pull that off so well. It really leaves it open to either option! :)

  3. It was great fun, the number chnage has to be for the first caller as the boyfriend knows where she lives.

    1. I don't know... If he's busy with 3-4 other girls, he might not bother with her if he can't reach her on the phone... ;)

  4. Great job Rebecca :) I also loved the twist ending and how it makes me want to know more! Great work and happy writing :)

  5. I really enjoyed this story...it's my favourite thus far. It seems like rather than a piece of flash fiction, it should be a chapter in a chick lit novel. Well done!:)

    1. Thank you, Alayna-Renee!! I might have to turn it into a longer short story and see where it takes me.

  6. Mysti! Congrats on 40K+ views!! That's fantastic!

  7. Fun twist at the end, Rebecca - I was on her side and applaud her choice!
    - judy

  8. This was really good. Would love to read more...find out who gets the last laugh with the boyfriend since he's such a dog!


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