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Call Me MAYbe Flash Fiction #17: Trusting Friends by M.C.V. Egan

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# 17: Trusting Friends
M.C.V. Egan

The phone rang. It was three a.m. and Lacey was sound asleep and in no mood to answer. It rang again and she looked at the screen. She almost decided to let it go to voicemail, but answered
instead. She could tell that Randie had been drinking by the tone and pitch of her voice.

“Sorry it’s late but I really need your help.”

Lacey answered with a soft sleepy voice, almost a whisper.

“Randie is three a.m. this better be important”

“Jack is sleeping with one of my friends.”

That got Lacey’s attention as she sat up in her bed.

“What? Who?”

“I am not sure, but it is one of my friends with brown hair, that’s why I called you.”

“Did you see him?”

“No I didn’t. Don’t laugh, I called a very reputable psychic and she told me he was going to ask me to marry him, but that he was unfaithful.”

“Oh please it is 3:00 a.m.”

“She was really good, she saw images, and she described how he was one of the tallest men she ever saw. Then she described his fancy office and she said he was a lawyer. She described my fancy large wedding and the bouquet-she said it had Sunflowers and Daises, YOU KNOW those are my flowers!”

“Those are your favorite flowers. That is odd.”

“I know! She said that clairvoyants see images; they don’t hear voices, or talk to the dearly departed. She saw the images and I interpreted what they meant to me.”

“So she asked you questions?” The sarcasm in Lacey’s voice had a touch of mean.

“No, No she said that she saw a man near me and described Jack to a  “T” and then she said that he was going to ask me to marry him sooner than later. Then she got snippy because she wanted to find her own Prince Charming.”

Lacey and Randie both laughed.

 “I know, weird huh? But then we talked about Jack and she described the wedding and she said he was sleeping with one of my friends.”

“When did she say you were going to get married?“

“She’s clairvoyant and she sees images and not calendars!”

“I am guessing that was her line?”

“Yeah, she said that sometimes she sees snow, of the color of fall leaves, but all she saw was green and sunshine, which is like all year in Florida. But she said when an image is so clear it means sooner than later and to get a nice manicure to go with my big ring.”

“A big wedding? That sounds expensive if you called she could probably tell it was Florida by the area code.”

“Hmmm, maybe; but I know she is a reputable psychic. I told her my folks could not afford anything like that, but she said someone had money; and Jack does. Then she started whining again about her future; she said that she something about forewarned and forearmed, and she saw six bridesmaids and one was sleeping with Jack. Who do you think it is?”

“She was whining about her future? I am confused? How do you know she is a good psychic?”

“Lisa called her a year ago and she got everything right. The psychic lady said that she can see everyone else’s future but not her own. All these wonderful futures for her callers”—Randie laughed.

“Then she said; when is it my turn to be Cinderella?  Can you believe it? But then I asked if she saw any bad stuff in my future. She described the bridesmaids and said that one was looking at Jack like she was still sleeping with him.”

Lacey got out of bed and walked into the next room.

“Aren’t you seeing other guys?”

“Well, yeah, but not his friends! I think it’s Lisa, she sleeps around.”

“Anyhow she told me that I better not toy with a man’s emotions because the whole no greater fury than a woman scorned was probably written by an angry violent man. You don’t think Jack’s violent do you?”

Lacey’s heart began to beat a little faster.

 “No not Jack, but I guess anyone who feels betrayed or hurt is capable of revenge.”

“That was EXACTLY what the psychic said and she said that a lawyer’s job is to fight and retaliate. So do you think I should stop seeing other guys? What if it’s my last chance to have fun?”

“Randie, maybe you should just brake up with Jack and move on. Can you imagine spending the rest of your life wondering if he is with someone else?”

“I know, I would have to get rid of all my good-looking friends, I can’t trust anyone except for you. I would not mind being Mrs. Lawyer. But that is not the point why would Jack sleep with one of my friends, and worse yet why would a friend sleep with Jack?”

Lacey’s fingers combed through her hair, it felt softer and silkier than any other time she could remember.

 “You know what they say; what goes around comes around…Just confront him.”

“Right, what if he IS the violent type?”
“So you want to marry him, but you don’t want to know if he is the violent type? Also it is kind of
mean to pin it on Lisa.”

“Silky brown hair and she’s the type. Thank goodness for your red curls! Ha,ha, otherwise I might not have called.”

Each step Lacey took as she walked back into the bedroom added a bit of discomfort, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. The Keratin and change of color had not been her idea.

The phone slipped out of Lacey’s hand making a crashing sound that woke up the man in her bed.
He opened his eyes and reached over and caressed her arm.

 With great discomfort she smiled as he said,“You look so beautiful Rannn…Lacey; so beautiful.”


M. C. V. Egan is the chosen pen name for Maria Catalina Egan, author of The Bridge of Deaths. Originally from Mexico City, Mexico; M.C.V. Egan has lived in various parts of the USA as well as France and Sweden. She is fluent in four languages; Spanish, French, Swedish and English.
She lives in South Florida with her husband, teenage son and five pound Chihuahua. 



  1. Mysti, what a riot I never imagined my little story with images! Thanks for was great fun :)

  2. Great job on this, M :) I liked the ending especially. Happy writing!

    1. Thanks, I love to add a twist to the ending, cannot always pull it off.

  3. Ah, the little twists that slide at us sideways! Good "hiding" of the truth. I did not suspect her until she ran her hand through her hair -- and then to learn that Jack is with her right then! Whoa!

    I laughed when I read this paragraph...

    “No I didn’t. Don’t laugh, I called a very reputable psychic and she told me he was going to ask me to marry him, but that he was unfaithful.”

    And in the end, the psychic, odd though she was, beamed into the truth.

    - judy

    1. Thanks! what a fun comment, so glad that you enjoyed it.

  4. Absolutely loved this one. I never saw it coming, the end. It also made me want to stop writing novels and write short stories myself. I am amazed how well established the characters were in such a short time, yet mere stereo-types.
    I really loved this story, it reminded me how poignant and quick witted shorts are. Really well done, such a fun read.


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