Sunday, May 5, 2013

Interview with Andrew Grigaliunas

Andrew Grigaliunas
Five lucky ducks one an interview during my cover reveal party for A Ranger's Tale. If you missed it, I'm sorry for you. We had a blast!

Now, let's be nosy and discover more about the winners. My fourth victim interviewee is Andrew Grigaliunas!

Welcome, Andrew! Tell us about where you live and what you do there.

Hello and thank you for this opportunity. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan which is in the South-West part of Michigan. I recently graduated from Grand Rapids Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Business with Emphasis on Accounting. I am the complete definition of “a nerd”. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s when the term “nerd” was an insulting term, but at the time I did not think of myself as a “nerd”. I am unemployed now looking for a job as a bookkeeper. 

Mysti: I think "nerds" like us are back in fashion now, thanks to Big Bang Theory!

You recently started A BLOG. What have you enjoyed about being a blogger so far? What has been challenging?

I enjoy writing down my thoughts and sharing with my friends and having control as to who sees what when, unlike with FB where you have NO control. I recently was not on my blog due to family emergency. I am back now and I plan on continuing my blog. For those interested, the website address for my blog is: http://  What I find challenging is trying to get people to visit my blog. I believe that if you are not giving anything away, then you will not get any visitors. Which is a sad thing because that means that most people are greedy.

Mysti: If you give stuff away, they will come--that's the #1 rule for any online venture.

As a male reader who enjoys romance, I imagine you've been asked this before, but what do you like about the genre?

What I REALLY love about romance novels are that they can make you laugh, cry, love, hate, and question each character. I love it when the characters come alive and you just cannot wait to see what happens next. Just because it is a romance novel, that does not mean you are just going top love each character, but you may hate and despise each character before loving them or vice-versa. I just love LOVE.

Mysti: My thoughts exactly!

What are some of your favorite books?

It is VERY hard for me to pick my favorite book because there are so many loveable novels that continue to be published. I love books written by Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts, plus I LOVE trying new authors. I have over 100 print novels and over 100 Kindle novels to be read. So my TBR list is HUGE.

Mysti: Mine too!! I hope to tackle several this summer. 

Are there any books you hated so much you could use as kindling?

No, I have not yet come across a novel that I “hate”. Like I said before, I have over 200 books yet to read so maybe I will find one then but it would take a lot for me to “hate” a novel.

Mysti: I know! I've only given one two-star review. It takes a lot for me to hate a book.
Buy it HERE!

If you could be any character in any book, who would it be?

Gosh…A really hard question. Hmmm…I guess it would have to be Pavel, the nephew of a government official from the novel “Saving Mars” written by Cindy Swanson. He gets involved with the main character Jessamyn Jaarda, and the fun starts from there.

Mysti: Sounds like a fun read! 

Quick: Grab the nearest book, give us the Title/Author/Opening Line!

Ok, the title is The Sinner by Margaret Mallory and the opening line: “Weeping will get you nothing,” the woman said, “Be quiet if you want to go up.”

Mysti: Great opening! Makes me want to read more.

Random Question: Would you the lottery OR live twice as long?

Hmmm…tough question. If I were to win the lottery, then I could pay back my parents for everything they have done for me, save some money for myself, give some away to my immediate family, then give the rest to charity. This would be the better option because if I were to live “twice as long” the I would have to witness my family and close friends pass away and be lonely for the second half. So in the end, I would rather win the lottery.

Mysti: Great answer--exactly what I was thinking when I saw the question.

Thanks so much for visiting, Andrew, and happy reading!! ~Mysti


  1. Hi Andrew, I enjoyed your interview. As a soon to be published romance author, I share your love of reading them. I just started a blog and I agree that getting somebody to read what I write will not be easy.

    As one who reads most everything Mysti writes, I'll guilt her into reading mine.

    Good luck in your job search.

    1. Guilt me? Are you kidding? I loved Hemphill Towers and will likely bug you to death until you get the second book published. I gotta see what else Dierk has in store for the girls :)


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