Friday, May 10, 2013

Call Me MAYbe Flash Fiction Challenge #8: Megan's Last Call by Mark Mackey

Welcome to the Call Me MAYbe Flash Fiction Challenge!!
All stories begin with "The phone rang" and are no more than 1,000 words. Deadline to submit is May 31. For full contest rules and prize list, visit this link:

#8:  Megan's Last Call


Mark Mackey 

     The phone rang.
     Barbara could hear it as clear as day through the front door just as she was about to reach into her purse for the key to get it open and getting soaked by drizzling rain all at the same time. Where she was coming from, the hospital, watching with stinging, tear filled eyes as her younger sister Megan was taken off life support; the how and why, a tragic car accident. Due to the car accident which casualties included her sister’s two best friends, Lisa and Diane, Barbara wasn’t allowed to say a final goodbye to Megan.
      All during the car trip home, Barbara was filled with such a strong feeling of depression over her sister no longer at her side, she honestly didn’t know what she was going to do. Or for that matter how she was going to survive; the thought of suicide playing itself in her mind.
       Much to her relief Barbara was able to get the front door open. Rushing inside, she had the receiver gripped in her hand and placed up against her ear in seconds.
     “Hey it’s me Barb, Meg, I’ve got permission to call you from the afterlife so I can tell you it’s not worth it committing suicide because I’m no longer a part of your life.”
     “But I miss you so much little sister.”
     “I understand that Barb, but if you care about me, you won’t, now promise.”
     “Fine I promise.”
     “That’s all I wanted to hear, see you in Heaven big sis.”
     Once she set the receiver back down onto the cradle, looking out the window, what Barbara saw, a rainbow, Meg’s favorite thing in the world.    
     She smiled.

Mark Mackey lives in Chicago, has won two screenplay awards one for the short Horror in The Woods, and the feature Length a Tale of Two Girls, have had four of my short stories published in four separate anthologies, Without Title, Christmas Lites, All the Lovely Creatures, and the Perfect Christmas Stuffing.


  1. Such a sad yet sweet story, Mark :) It was great though. Happy writing :)

  2. Hi Mark, there was both sadness and hope in your story, great job!


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