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5,000th Hit Giveaway!!!

Thanks to some seriously dedicated followers, I've been lucky enough to reach 5,000 hits. 

Shocking, I know!
To celebrate, a number of fantastic authors have generously agreed to donate some of their books for you all to win. There's a great mixture of genres here, so there's something for everyone!

Here's how it'll work. From now until Friday, June 10, have a look at the titles available and leave a comment with which one you desire. It'll be first come, first serve, and I'll try to keep up with how many are left of each one and keep it updated on a frequent basis. PLEASE leave your e-mail along with which book you want so the author can send your prize!

It's rather like a silent auction. Look at all the comments before yours and if someone else has already claimed all of your first choice title, then look at what's left to choose from this nice long list. 

***Also, one lucky U.S. winner can walk away with a signed print copy of my fantasy romance novel, A Ranger's Tale! If you want to be in the running for that one, please indicate in your comment with two words: "Rangers Rock!".***

Here are the titles available (if taken a line will be crossed through it):

1Hot Days by T.D. Jones (1 print copy)
2. Paranormal Pleasures by Roxanne Rhoads (1 E-Book)
3.Vallar by Cindy Borgne (2 E-Books)
4. Paradox--The Angels Are Here by Patti Roberts (5 E-Books)
5. Era of the Spectre by Rui Cruz (1 E-Book)
6. On Dark Shores: The Lady by J.A. Clement (2 E-Books)
7. Die Laughing by Louis K. Lowy (1 E-Book)
8. Doorway of the Triquetra by Lenore Wolfe (2 E-Books available June 12)
9. Depth of Focus: A Novel by Kenya D. Williamson (1 E-Book)
10. Predators of Darkness: Aftermath by Leonard D. Hilley II (1 Kindle or e-Pub)
11. Pillow Talk by Ruth J. Hartman (1 E-Book)
12. Flossophy of Grace by Ruth J. Hartman (1 E-Book)
13. Purrfect Voyage by Ruth J. Hartman (1 E-Book)
14. Love Never Fails by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy (1 E-Book)
15. The Inn at Little Bend by Bobbi Groover (1 E-Book)
16. Five Days Notice by Alex Sinclair (1 E-Books)
17. A Ranger's Tale by Mysti Parker (1 E-Book + 1 Signed Print Copy to One Drawn Winner)
18. Steve Prefontaine--Rocketman by Bree T. Donovan and Linda Prefontaine (1 Print Copy)

And Their Descriptions:

Hot Days by T.D. Jones (1 Print Copy):
**Contains TWO stories!**
Buy: (e-Book and print) or (Kindle and print)
Cockeyed Cowboy From Crockett County:
Will Tanner is the sheriff of Crockett County. He has been married three times. He has come to the conclusion that he is giving up on women. There is only one problem, he never expected Chief Investigator Isadora Reeves to come into his life. Between trying to figure how a dead man ended up on the local golf course with his manhood missing and being distracted by the beautiful Isadora, Will has his hands full.
Isadora Reeves is not looking for any man, especially some small town sheriff from Crockett County. She's just in town to investigate a murder and nothing else, that is until she and the sheriff have a heated night together and now he is all she can think about.
Who Put Grandpa In The Garden!:
Chelsea and Sam Rae are just like any other young couple in love. Working and trying to make a living and have a baby. Everything seems to be going as planned until Grandpa ends up in the garden. It seems Grandma has some skeletons in her closet that she wants Chelsea to take care of. Being the good granddaughter, she tries to do what's right but it doesn't end up like she planned. According to Margaret, her older sister, this is just another screw up Chelsea has done. Chelsea is determined to make this right and ends up learning a lot about herself and her family in the process.

Paranormal Pleasures by Roxanne Rhoads (1 E-Book):
Print at Amazon:
Multiple ebook formats at Smashwords:
All Romance Ebooks:
Book description:
       Ten tantalizing, erotic tales of vampires, witches and demons grace the pages of this short story collection by Roxanne Rhoads.
       Step into the darkness and let these tales tempt and tease to satisfy your paranormal cravings.
       Eight of Roxanne Rhoads' previous eBook publications appear in print for the first time, along with two brand new, never before published tales of supernatural love and lust.

Vallar by Cindy Borgne (2 E-Books):
Book Description:

Ian Connors struggles to save the girl of his dreams and escape the corruption surrounding him - otherwise there is no future for either of them. He must take charge of his life or he will remain a pawn and forever separated from those he loves.

The story takes place in the future about a hundred years after the people of Earth decided to abandon the colonies of Mars. This happened due to Earth's population problems and a dwindling of their own resources. Over time, the scientific colonies evolved into military factions. The leaders of Marscorp believe that by conquering smaller organizations they will be able to gain enough power to force their way back to Earth. They seek to use Ian for his psychic ability in order to complete their mission. 

Paradox--The Angels Are Here (Book One of Paradox Series) by Patti Roberts (5 E-Books):
Series Description:
        Spanning over centuries to the present day, this is a story about love, loss and betrayal. The horrifying discovery that nothing is as it seems. When there is nowhere left to run & letting go is your only choice.
       Nine hundred years ago, under the complete cover of darkness, the Grigorian army rose silently from their underground lair and attacked the Bulguardian Royal Palace. The bloody and violent battle between the two most legendary houses raged on. All but destroying the majestic Royal City of Altair. 
It was not the first war that Juliette had endured between good and evil. And it most certainly would not be her last.
       Today, a little girl's world is turned upside down by a visitor,the Angel of Death. She finds herself trapped in a nightmare, consumed by her paralyzing loss and overwhelming grief. The haunting visions and untimely deaths of others are a constant reminder that life and death are only a heartbeat away.  
       She eventually befriends the unusual little girl who moves in next door with captivating violet eyes and a profound knowledge of things that far exceeds her tender years.
       A saga crossing over two worlds. Two souls being drawn precariously together over the centuries.
       When your destiny has been written in blood, and you are left with one burning question. Is your Guardian Angel from Heaven or Hell?

Era of the Spectre by Rui Cruz (1 E-Book):
Buy: (Print) and (Print and E-Book)
Book Description:
A set of short tales depicting the emotional journeys of beings who live challenged by a murky universe, sad memories or gripping desires. Unreal landscapes and an ever-present nostalgic atmosphere serve as backdrop to the unravelling of their fates.

On Dark Shores:The Lady by J.A. Clement (2 E-Books):
Book Description:
       It is ten years after the Shantar-Mardonese war. In the harbour town of Scarlock, dominated by the moneylender Copeland, the outside world seems far away; but events are in motion that will bring the world to Scarlock.
        To protect her sister, the thief Nereia must take desperate measures which will catapult her into a place of nightmare and legend.
        Before long, she will find herself On Dark Shores; and the choices she makes will shape the future of the world she knows as well as the world she has yet to discover.

Die Laughing by Louis K. Lowy  (1 E-Book):
***Available in July***
Book Description:
       If you’re a comedian and the world’s fate is in your hands, it’s no laughing matter.
       Die Laughing, a humorously dark science-fiction novel, is set in the 1950s of flying saucers, communist paranoia, and live television.
       Beamed aboard an alien spaceship, Las Vegas funny man Sam E. Lakeside is forced to participate in a plan to rob the earth of its oil.
       When the shape-shifting aliens and their leader ­– a power-hungry mobster ­– murder Sam’s best friend and manager, Sam vows revenge.
       He recruits a blacklisted comic book writer and the mobster’s girlfriend, and drags them cross-country to thwart the aliens. Their journey takes them to New York City and The Steve Allen Show, where the key to the alien’s conquest lies.
       Sam, embroiled in an escalating tangle of violence, love, and lies, is forced to choose between what he wants most in the world – to be a star – or the planet’s survival.

Doorway of the Triquetra (Children of Atlantis Series) by Lenore Wolfe (2 E-Books):
***Available June 12***

Book Description:
Mira has received an ancient medallion, and she can't get rid of it. Everywhere she goes now, a jaguar follows. The ancient mysteries of the medallion lead her to the Gargoyle's Castle. She must find the paranormal doorway of the Triquetra, to save her best friend's soul, but each move she makes only leads her to a deeper mystery, where all of her past lives are bound to four immortal men.

Depth of Focus: A Novel by Kenya D. Williamson (1 E-Book)

Scribd Page:
IMDB Page:
 Book Description:

After years of taking care of others, Danni might not know how to really take care of herself. But, she's trying regardless of the consequences -- even if that means keeping her distance from the ones she loves. If everyone has his way, she'll be pulled in more directions than she can handle. Then again, if she pushes too hard, she might wind up alone. Alone and safe? Or alone and lonely? She can't decide.

Following her fifth birthday party, Danni grew to despise the annual tradition. If the aspiring photographer can't find a way to balance a meddling roommate, nosy neighbor, former lover, current lover, mostly-absent father, jealous sibling, insecure best friend and suicidal mother with the demands of her lousy job, approaching birthday party and shrinking college fund, she won't be going to school. And chances are she'll lose a lot more than her career.

Predators of Darkness: Aftermath by Leonard D. Hilley II (1 Kindle OR e-Pub)

Buy: (Kindle or print) or (Kindle or e-reader)
Book Description:

The desolate streets of downtown Pittsburgh are a constant reminder of the missile attack that forever changed the lives of the surviving scientists and students hidden inside the fallout shelter of Helmsby's Genetic Research Center.  Believing themselves to be the only survivors, they reside inside the research center until their food supplies near depletion.  Thinking the fallout has lessened, they emerge three years later to discover strange creatures patrolling the streets in search of human flesh and blood.  The creatures possess the ability to shift their genomes and alter their appearances by realigning their genetic sequences.  Although they have no conclusive evidence to prove the creatures’ origin, Dr. Helmsby—a renowned genetics genius—believes the shifters escaped from TransGenCorp, a scientific laboratory suspected of manufacturing clones and other genetic atrocities. 

Daniel Hutchinson, their leader, teams with Lucas Ridale to comb the streets and search for provisions.   To cover more area, they head out opposite directions and scavenge downtown Pittsburgh.  They also hope to find other survivors.  But Daniel uncovers mysteries more frightening than the shifters.  He discovers the tip of Pittsburgh has been fenced off from the rest of the area.  Low-flying helicopters observe the streets, making him ponder the question: Were the shifters released as simply part of a military experiment with humans being their prey?

Pillow Talk by Ruth J. Hartman (1 E-Book)
Book Description:
Trixie Trident has a secret. Everyone knows she creates one-of-a-kind jewelry during the day. It's what she does on her night job no one would ever guess. She's a tooth fairy. Not the tooth fairy, just one of many. It would take her whole life just to combat the many misconceptions people have about TF's. Like how nobody wears tutus or uses a wand. Or stands three inches high. Nope, Trixie looks just like any other woman in her mid-twenties. And she'd tell people all of that stuff. If she was allowed to. But she'd sworn a sacred tooth fairy oath that she'd never tell a soul. And she hadn't. Except for her best friend, who would never breathe a word to anyone.

Graham Keebler meets Trixie when she comes to his dental office as a new patient. He's had lots of single women patients before, but no one has ever sparked his interest like Trixie. What is it about her that's so unique? He can't quite figure it out, but he's determined to try, even when she turns him down for a second date.

Trixie is attracted to Graham, like she's never been to any man before. He's what she always dreamed of in a man. And they even have the subject of teeth in common! But a relationship with the gorgeous dentist can never be. How could it? When she's a tooth fairy, and not only can't she tell him, he'd never believe her anyway.

Flossophy of Grace by Ruth J. Hartman (1 E-Book
Book Description:
What happens when a dental hygienist falls in love with her patient? That's what Grace Hart discovers when she meets Bruce Gardener. The problem? Grace's boss has a strict policy against relationships with patients. Can Grace and Bruce find a way to be together without her employer finding out?

Purrfect Voyage by Ruth J. Hartman (1 E-Book)
Book Description:

Kitty Carter is used to getting into strange situations when she chases her cat, Arther. But this latest escapade is just too much! When Arther chases a mouse at the marina while she's doing research for her book, she follows him down the dock and onto a yacht. Not entirely her plan, since she falls down some stairs and hits her head, and wakes to find herself out to sea. And she and Arthur aren’t the only ones on board!

Love Never Fails by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy (1 E-Book)

Book Description:

Old love sometimes fades away...

When a late night phone call from the former love of her life interrupts both her sleep and her otherwise quiet existence, Caroline Cunningham finds she can’t refuse Reid Ramsay's request for help. As the call pulls Caroline back to her small hometown and into the heart of the search for Reid’s missing brother, Caroline finds the feelings she thought she'd buried where Reid was concerned are indeed alive and well.

And sometimes it refuses to die...

Reid Ramsay is still in love with Caroline Cunningham. As they work together searching for Reid's brother, Reid and Caro finding themselves attempting to rebuild the life they once shared together. But their future remains uncertain. Before they can find the happiness they seek, each must work through the emotional baggage of the past and test the theory they desperately hope rings true. 

The Inn at Little Bend by Bobbi Groover (1 E-Book)
***Available June 18***
Book Description:

In antebellum America, life for an abandoned woman was difficult at best. But when young Grayson escapes her sadistic guardian, she finds freedom just as hostile. The lonesome, starving wanderer flees straight into the path of vicious marauders. Only one thing keeps the rustlers from violating the curvaceous, dark-haired beauty but the punishment they intend to mete out for her crimes borders on insanity.
Not far away a lone rover hears the screams, yet continues down the road. He wants nothing more of life than to be left alone. He has his own debts to account for. Once a headstrong irresistible rakehell, the drifter had bolted, shuttered his heart and retreated deep within himself. But now the wafting agony tears at him--his own and the wails of another. Swearing under his breath, he whirls the horse around.
Grayson Ridge struggles to survive her fated trials and conceal the secrets that plague her. Her exploits collide with the life of Drake Somerset, a scraggly yet oddly dashing drifter besieged by dark shadows. Neither realizes their chance encounter could free them both. Their wrangling ignites a turbulent journey and sets their worlds on fire.

Five Days Notice by Alex Sinclair (1 E-Book)
Book Description:
The global economy has collapsed and third world war has left the planet a dark and deadly place. Having a job is like winning the lottery. It is a rare and cherished thing. Society is split into two classes, the poor and the damned. Only one superstore remains in the city. The seven staff members work long hours for hardly any pay, but they are considered the lucky ones.

River is in love. He is in love with the woman of his dreams. Only she doesn’t know it. Ariel lights up his dark and lonely world. She is the reason he wakes up every single morning. Her friendship and company give meaning to his existence, but when job cuts are announced his world is turned upside down. The staff are given five days notice. By the end of the week three members of staff will be fired, but how far is River willing to go to ensure that the love of his life keeps her job?

With uncertainty and doubt fuelling the fires of fear each member of staff sets out on a dangerous path of deception. The flesh of the weak is food for the strong. It is a dog eat dog world. Friends become enemies. Lovers become deceivers. You can trust no one. You can rely on no one. You must do what needs to be done to make sure you survive. You must steal, you must betray and you must kill. Betrayal, deception and corruption have never looked so sexy.

A Ranger's Tale by Mysti Parker (1 E-Book First Come, First Serve + 1 Signed Print Copy to ONE Drawn Winner):
Book Description:
In the fantasy world of Tallenmere, the high elf, Caliphany Aranea, nearly a century old, has never been allowed to travel farther than a few miles out of the capital city of Leogard. Her father, Sirius, leads the Mage Academy, and after losing his only son, he expects Caliphany to take his place one day. The trouble is, she doesn't want to study magic and doubts she'll ever be as good a wizard as her father. She dreams of leaving Leogard to explore the world and strike out on her own--lofty goals for Sirius' daughter, who also happens to be King Leopold's niece.

When two brutes at Leogard Harbor attempt to kidnap her while she dreams of faraway lands, half-elf ship captain and ranger, Galadin Trudeaux, comes to her rescue. From their first chance encounter, to the finale, where Caliphany must decide where her heart truly lies, she and Galadin will face more adventure, more love, more heartache, than they ever thought possible. Through it all, they discover the power of forgiveness and of a love that stands the test of time.

Steve Prefontaine--Rocketman by Bree Donovan and Linda Prefontaine (1 Print Copy)
Lulu Storefront:
Book Description: 
Steve Prefontaine was better known to the world as simply “Pre”. He was more than an exceptional athlete; he was an exceptional person. Pre once said “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift.” This book is not about what Pre gained during his short and brilliant life, but what he refused to give up as celebrity status settled inevitably on his shoulders. This unique story of Pre is specifically written for young people. Rocketman is told through the eyes and voice of Owen Morgan. Owen is a literary conduit through which the entirely factual events and characters are presented. The stories Owen shares with the readers are the stories of the people who knew and loved Steve Prefontaine, and the people Pre loved. *Author royalties will go to a special fund established by Linda Prefontaine for physical education and arts programs at Blossom Gulch School in Coos Bay Oregon. Blossom Gulch was both Steve and Linda’s former elementary school. Rocketman CD is now available!!

Recap of Books/Authors:
1. Hot Days by T.D. Jones (1 print copy)
2. Paranormal Pleasures by Roxanne Rhoads (1 E-Book)
3.Vallar by Cindy Borgne (2 E-Books)
4. Paradox--The Angels Are Here by Patti Roberts (5 E-Books)
5. Era of the Spectre by Rui Cruz (1 E-Book)
6. On Dark Shores: The Lady by J.A. Clement (2 E-Books)
7. Die Laughing by Louis K. Lowy (1 E-Book available July)
8. Doorway of the Triquetra by Lenore Wolfe (2 E-Books available June 12)
9. Depth of Focus: A Novel by Kenya D. Williamson (1 E-Book)
10. Predators of Darkness: Aftermath by Leonard D. Hilley II (1 Kindle or e-Pub)
11. Pillow Talk by Ruth J. Hartman (1 E-Book)
12. Flossophy of Grace by Ruth J. Hartman (1 E-Book)
13. Purrfect Voyage by Ruth J. Hartman (1 E-Book)
14. Love Never Fails by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy (1 E-Book)
15. The Inn at Little Bend by Bobbi Groover (1 E-Book available June 18)
16. Five Days Notice by Alex Sinclair (1 E-Book)
17. A Ranger's Tale by Mysti Parker (1 E-Book + 1 Signed Print Copy to One Drawn Winner)
18. Steve Prefontaine--Rocketman by Bree T. Donovan and Linda Prefontaine (1 Print Copy)

***REMEMBER: From now until Friday, June 10, have a look at the titles available and leave a comment with which one you desire. It'll be first come, first serve until they're all gone or it's over. 

***Look at all the comments before yours and if someone else has already claimed all of your first choice title, then look at the awesome remaining books to choose from this nice long list. 

***PLEASE leave your E-MAIL ADDRESS along with which book you want so the author can send your prize! (E-mails can be written like mystiparker (at) yahoo (dot) com to avoid spamming software.)

***Also, one lucky U.S. winner will walk away with a signed print copy of my fantasy romance novel, A Ranger's Tale! If you also want to be in the running for that one, please indicate in your comment with two words: "Rangers Rock!". I'll draw for that winner at the end of the giveaway.

Thanks for following and Happy Reading! ~Mysti


  1. Five Days Notice! @ gmail . com

  2. Hey Mysti,
    This was a hard decision, I'm interested in 3 of these books.
    Your book sounds awesome "Rangers Rock" so I'm going to choose your book.
    I'll have to come back later to get T.D. Jones Hot Days..that sounds like a good read also.
    Also Depth of Focus sounds like a good summer read by Kenya D. Williamson.

  3. I'm interested in "Love Never Fails" by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy







    I would love Doorway of the Triquetra by Lenore Wolfe


  6. "Rangers Rock!"
    I would like "On Dark Shores: The Lady by J.A. Clement"

  7. Congrats on the 5,000! I'll pick Hot Days by T.D. Jones. Sounds like a fun book.

    My email is tscreager at

  8. Oh I didn't add the rangers rock but you know I'd love to win your book too!

  9. Congratulations, Mysti! This is huge! I'll pick Purrfect Voyage. :)

    loucks (dot) lindsey (at) yahoo (dot) com

  10. Congrats

    I would like Paranormal Pleasures by Roxanne Rhoads

  11. Congrats. Rangers Rock.
    I would love a copy of paradox if still available. thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Congrats Rangers Rock

    I would like The Inn at Little Bend.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway.

  13. Way to go!!!

    I'd love "Depth of Focus" - since it was written by my best friend from 5th grade! (don't have an e-copy yet!),

    emmie1232003 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. Hi Mysti :)
    Congrats on reaching 5,000 hits!
    I'd like #1. Hot Days by T.D. Jones.

    Here's hoping for another 5,000 hits :)
    Mindy :)

  15. Thank you so much for the offer.

    I would like a copy of "Die Laughing" by Louis Lowy if it is still available.



  16. I would love Predators of Darkness: Aftermath in epub format for Nook.

    Rangers Rock!!

  17. Hiya everyone--I'm thrilled to see such a great turnout!

    I've contacted all authors thus far, so if you don't receive your book in a timely manner, let me know and I'll send a reminder.

    I've also kept up with the changing number available. Some of them had multiple copies to offer, so make sure you check the numbered list at the top and bottom of this post if you see that someone else has requested it. There may be more left.

    Spread the word and thanks for helping me celebrate my 5,000th hit. I think there will be an even bigger giveaway for the 10,000th hit :)


  18. Mysti,

    I bet it won't take long to reach the 10,000 mark. What a great feeling it is to make 5,000 eh?

    Thanks so much, I've already received my copy of Five Days Notice.

  19. Oooh how exciting! What a great giveaway!
    All the books look fantastic but I'd really love a copy of Paradox (I'm a sucker for a beautiful cover)!!
    suzy.turner [at]

  20. Hi Mysti,

    Congrats on getting 5000 hits! I think Vallar, by Cindy Borgne, sounds very exciting. I love futuristic romance novels!

    I can't wait to see what you do when you get 10,000 hits!

  21. Hi Misty!
    Congratulations on 5,000 hits!!! Rangers Rock!!!! I would also love a
    Copy of Steve Prefontaine-Rocketman. If I'm not mistaken, Chuck (Caren's husband) used to run with him! My emal is: mollyncrush (at) windstream(dot) net.
    Hope this post works. I've tried posting at other times with no luck.
    Joyce B.

  22. Congratulations! Rangers Rock!

    And, if Flossophy of Grace by Ruth J. Hartman is still available, I'd love a copy. My email is LindaBoulangerAuthor at gmail dot com

    Welcome to the Love With The Lights Off group over on Goodreads as well and thanks for letting us know about the contest.

  23. I would love to win a copy of Doorway of the Triquetra. and you can visit my blog: So far, I'm really enjoying A Ranger's Tale!

  24. Yay, thanks Sylvia!

    I've passed it on and you should be getting your copy shortly. Thanks for hopping over!

  25. Hi, Mysti,

    Congrats on the hits. My ebook choice would be 'Die Laughing'. You already know I enjoy your photo caption exploits in the WVU.

    My email is

    Wishes and vibes as always,
    Grumps. ;-)

  26. Thanks for coming over, Grumps! I bet you'll love Louis's book!

  27. My choice is Paradox! :)

  28. I'd love to have a copy of A Ranger's Tale by Mysti Parker - Rangers Rock!

    I also am interested in Die Laughing, Pillow Talk, Paradox - The Angels are Here, Perfect Voyage, Hot Days, Love Never Fails, and The Inn at Little Bend.

    My email is

  29. NurseArtist,

    Only Die Laughing and Paradox were left, so I'll contact the authors and have them sent your way.

    To any previous winners, if you see one still left that you've had your eye on, go ahead and comment to win it!

    Drawing tonight for A Ranger's Tale...stay tuned!

  30. "Paradox--The Angels Are Here" sounds rather interesting! :D

    How's it going, Mysti?

  31. Oh, and my email is

    Just mark it "care of the Pine Marten: no M&Ms inside" That should do it! Whoo-Hoo! Hehehee! :D

  32. On Dark Shores: The Lady sounds great!

    Also, Rangers Rock! :)

    (and LOL benning)

  33. Even M & M's melt in this heat. Bleh. A few more left, peoples, keep it coming!

  34. Hi everyone the giveaway is over but as I gifted 10 books of Paradox - The Angels Are Here, I am very happy to make sure they all go to good homes. Patti Roberts - Author

    PS - 1 question. Is your Guardian Angel from Heaven or Hell?

  35. I'd be up for a copy of Five Days Notice and Doorway of the Triquetra! Era of the Spectre and On Dark Shores sound good too! Toss me in for em :) Congrats on your 5,000 hits Mysti!

  36. Alrighty, will do! Spread the word--a few more left!

  37. Ranger's Rock :)

  38. Ranger's Rock!

    Cheryl Karnes ;)

  39. Rangers might rock, but they don't get a chance for a signed book if there's no way to contact them :) *hint hint*

  40. Ah, now I see the culprit! :) Crazy sisters-in-law!

  41. Rangers Rock!!!!

    ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶

    Jocelyn Modo
    jocelyn at jocelynmodo dot com

  42. Thanks for visiting Jocelyn! Drawing shortly...

  43. NurseArtist is the winner of a signed copy of A Ranger's Tale!!

    Thanks to every author and reader who participated in this giveaway! 10,000 hits will surely be even better :)

    Stay tuned...

  44. Thank you Mysti, and to all the authors who donated books toward this project. It's an awesome idea, and I hope it works out to be profitable to all of you.
    Thanks again.

  45. Oh doggone it! It's over? I missed it.

    Congrats on your 5,000 hits, though.

    cyndelouwho22 (at) gmail (dot) com

    I sure would love that eBook that you still have left (I think) of VALLOR by Cindy Borgne. Can't you ask Cindy if she'd consider letting me still have it? PLEASE? I would have been here if I could. I'm disabled and it's hard for me to get online.

    Oh well...I know you have rules.
    Thanks anyways.

  46. Hey Cynde I'll see what I can do. Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


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