Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CFF #25: Christmas Eve by Gillian Lloyd

Sometimes the greatest gifts come in the form of love in action. If you're as tired as the mom in Gillian Lloyd's story, you'll surely relate to what happens here. Read on and please leave a comment...


Gillian Lloyd

Sandy stared at the line of cars snaking along the highway. She rolled her shoulders and rubbed her neck, feeling tired and crabby. She had been incredibly busy at work; last minute orders to fill, mountains of parcels waiting to go, staff away sick. A logistical nightmare.

Inhaling deeply, she closed her eyes for a moment, then released a long breath. The traffic began to move. Ah Christmas! Sandy loved the concept, but hated the extra work involved.Cleaning, washing, cooking, and hustling the kids through their chores, Oh yes, and decorating the tree that stood bare and reproachful in the family room. No help from her husband – he was working late yet again. So much for having it all. As far as she was concerned she had way too much. Too much housework, too much to do at work, too much to do for the kids.

Count your blessings Sandy.” 

Her voice was deliberately loud, blotting out the radio and her negative thoughts.

It was Christmas Eve, time to be thankful for her family and friends.She'd already done the grocery shopping her husband was buying Christmas presents.

When Sandy finally she drove up to her house it was in darkness. No doubt the kids were in their rooms, electronically hooked up to their friends. She fumbled with her keys, suddenly exhausted. As she passed through the dimly lit house it seemed reasonably tidy, thank goodness. The kids must've been in their rooms all day.

I'm home!” She called into the emptiness. She entered the kitchen, noting that the sink was clean.

Wow, well done guys!” The surprised comment had popped out, bringing a smile to her face. Dirty dishes in the sink was one of her pet hates.

As she entered the family room, the lights flipped on.

Surprise!” Her children were standing by the Christmas tree, which was engulfed with every decoration they owned. A jumble of badly wrapped presents lay underneath.

Sandy smiled. Her tiredness disappeared. It was beautiful.

“And we got you dinner!”

She looked at the table, covered with snacks and food she'd bought for tomorrow.

Tears pricked her eyes. “Thank you sweethearts!”

Ho ho ho!” boomed a voice from the couch. Nick lounged back, boots on the coffee table.

“Aren't you supposed to be delivering presents?”

“Rudy's got it under control, so I figured he could be in charge this year.”

His blue eyes twinkled.

“Come and sit on Santa's lap, and tell me, Mrs Claus, have you been a good girl this year?”


Bio:  Gillian is a writer who lives in Brisbane, Australia. She blogs, writes articles, short stories, organises a writers group and presents writers workshops. Visit her website at


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Jenny - glad you enjoyed it - thanks for your comments

  2. Nice story, Gillian :) Happy Christmas to you and yours and a happy new year too!

    1. Hi Leila thanks for your good wishes - and a very happy Christmas to you too.

  3. That's the best sort of Christmas gift. :) Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Hi Lisa - you're right - it's family and friends that count!
      thanks for your comments

  4. Very nice story, I loved the ending.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. Hi Leona I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it!

  5. Her family knew exactly what to give her. Good for them.
    Thanks for a great story.


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