Thursday, December 6, 2012

CFF#4: Alistair's Dilemma by Maryetta Ackenbom

If you believe in a reason for this season, then you'll enjoy Maryetta Ackenbom's story. Travel behind the scenes to get a glimpse of the ageless battle between heaven and hell, and God's tide-turning gift to all mankind. Read on and leave a comment...


Maryetta Ackenbom

Alistair was confused. He could not decide whether to go with Lucifer or Jehovah. When Lucifer confronted Jehovah and gave his ultimatum, Alistair writhed with agony. Would he stay with his great Boss and take orders blindly, or would he seek independence with Lucifer?
Jehovah refused Lucifer’s ultimatum, as everyone knew He had to. After all, the boss was the Boss, right? Lucifer took his cadre of dissidents and left. Alistair still didn’t know what to do
When Jehovah asked for all the angels to come before Him and be counted, for Him or for Lucifer, Alistair hung back. Lucifer had left. Alistair wanted to be with him, but he also wanted to be with the Boss.
For Alistair, Jehovah created a place called Limbo, conceived for those who were unable, for one reason or another, to accept Jehovah as their absolute Master. There, among throngs of unbaptized babies and innocent people who never had the opportunity to know Jehovah, Alistair was considered first among equals. No longer an angel, Alistair had a place where he could look after impossible cases. He was the hindmost devil.
When the news came to him through his old angel friends that Jehovah was going to have a Child, Alistair knew he had to inform the whole population of Limbo. A big job, but Alistair had once been an angel and was now a devil, and he handled it.
Looking out from Limbo toward Bethlehem, Alistair witnessed the star, the shepherds, the Wise Men, and the arrival of the Babe. He was overwhelmed with emotion when he saw the Son of God, indeed, God Himself, as a new-born child, lying in a manger.
He lifted his tear-filled eyes to the Heavens. “God, I didn’t know. Now, because of Your sacrifice, so many people will be saved. Now I believe, and I totally reject Lucifer’s cause. Is there any chance I can come back to Heaven?”
Jehovah answered, “Alistair, the birth of my Child is a joyous symbol to all mankind. The Christ Child was meant to bring everyone closer to me. But you must be sure, Alistair. Is your new-found faith strong enough to withstand the temptation of doubt?”
Alistair hesitated. “I think so, Lord.”
Jehovah said, “You are better off where you are, Alistair. I created Limbo just for people like you, who would like to accept and believe, but have doubts. Alistair, have a happy Christmas. I’ll speak to you again at Easter-time. 

BIO: Several years of writing short stories spawned this attempt at a little bit of Christmas whimsy. I’m an active member of Writers’ Village University and a mentor at F2K.


  1. Knowing the caliber of writer Mar. is, I certainly was not disappointed in this whimsical tale of someone on the fence between heaven and hell. There are many people who fit this description. God said he wised people were either for or against Him; that if they were "lukewarm" he would spew them out of his mouth. But, God never gives up on anyone. Good work, Mar.

  2. This is a smart little tale of the boundary of doubt. For those in line this is a nice little parable.

  3. The world is full of doubters who are swayed back and forth by what they see or hear. Your story captured this perfectly, Mar. I enjoyed it very much.

  4. Intriguing! Makes me wonder how long Alistair will be in limbo. You could easily follow this one up with stories of his experiences in Limbo. Nice job!

  5. Great story, Maryetta! I loved it and definitely found it appropriate for the season ;) Great work dealing with one of humanity's deepest struggles and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. Beautiful writing, Maryetta, and a perfect message to share and remind people what the season is all about.

  7. Your story clearly informs that doubt is rarely a good thing and often will leave us in a place we didn't want to be initially. Wonderful story :)


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