Friday, December 7, 2012

CFF #6: Snow Angels by C.L. Mozena

Do you remember making snow angels as a child? Drift back to those magical wintry days and enjoy this story by C.L. Mozena that might remind you to slow down and make a few snow angels with someone you love. Read on and please leave a comment!

C.L. Mozena

Christina marveled as the snowflakes floated and danced all around her. She held her arms up and twirled. The snow had started last night while she was sleeping, and now everything was covered in sparkling white. The eight-year-old had heard that no two snowflakes were alike, and wondered how many angels it took to make all the pretty snowflakes. She flopped backwards and swung her arms and legs, making a snow angel. This was her favorite time of year.
Twenty years later, Christina tightened her scarf and braced herself for the frigid temperature as she left the store. She was overloaded with overflowing bags of things she had just bought. She was anxious to get herself, her bags, and her little girl in the car and get home. Her eyes searched for her car in the gigantic parking lot. She had been in the store for hours, and snow had begun to fall while she was inside, turning every car white. Including hers. Snow was still falling, making it that much harder to see.
A car sped by the sidewalk in front of the store, it’s tire hitting a puddle and splashing muddy slush onto Christina’s jeans. "Hey!" she yelled, but of course, the driver couldn’t hear her. Nobody else seemed to care. A gust of icy wind blew, causing Christina to stumble and drop one of her bags. It’s contents spilled out everywhere. The wind grabbed some of the things she just bought and blew them further away, into the line of traffic. As she scrambled to gather her things, she lost track of her seven-year-old. When she got back to the front of the store, her daughter wasn’t there. Christina’s heart skipped a beat as she searched the snowstorm for her little girl.
"I got it, Mommy!" Christina’s daughter skipped over to her, waving some box or other in the air. Relief mixed with anger at her daughter’s behavior. She didn’t know whether to hug her daughter because she was okay, or yell at her for running off. "Know what, Mommy?" her daughter looked up at the overcast sky. "My teacher says that no two snowflakes are the same. How many angels does it take to make all those snowflakes?" The little girl looked up at Christina with big, brown eyes.
"Lots of angels," Christina dropped her bags and knelt down on the frozen asphalt to hug her daughter. "Lots and lots."

Bio: C.L. Mozena lives in southeast Ohio. Originally from the big city, she enjoys the laid-back way of life that the country offers. She spends her days working on her latest novel and writing short fictional stories for the newspaper.


  1. Such a lovely story, C! It was well written and a timeless reminder to remember the little pleasures in life instead of being caught up in everything else. Great job and Merry Christmas and warmest holiday wishes to you!

  2. Your story brought back memories of the joys associated with beautiful snow. I wonder how many still remember making snow ice cream? Pollution put a stop to the ice cream, but snow angels will continue as long as there are children who love to play in the white stuff.

    Thank you for a well-written story.

  3. Lovely story! My children cannot get enough snow, and while living in Wisconsin...oh, boy, did they have fun. They built snow castles that were amazing.

  4. Poignant. I really enjoyed this story.

  5. A nice reminder of what the season is truly about. The joys of a lost youth and the pain of another lost youth, thankfully for a short time.

  6. The difficulties of life pale when compared to a child's sense of wonder. Lovely story.

  7. thanks for sharing.

  8. Hello C.L. - Such a nice, short read. Now, I too want to go out and make snow angels. Unfortunately, I'm in the tropics ;)


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