Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coming in April: A-Z Blog Challenge 2013!

A-Z Blog Challenge 2013

It's that time again!!!  Unwritten and some 1000 other blogs participated last year, and this year looks to be even bigger!

Just like last year, I'm opening up the blog for my fellow authors/writers/readers to express their creativity and love for our dear alphabet.

As the calendar to your left indicates, every day in April (except Sundays), a new post will be dedicated to a specific letter of the alphabet.

All YOU have to do is pick your letter, sign up for your spot, and write a guest post that pertains to that letter. The choice of subject is all yours, but should revolve around YOU! Here are some ideas and examples to stimulate your noodles (those would fall under N, hee hee):

  • Recipes (M for meatloaf, P for Pierogies, etc)
  • Animals (I for iguana, G for Guinea Pig)
  • Book/Movie Reviews (W for Where the Red Fern Grows, A for Avengers)
  • Writing Topics (R for Reviews, O for Outline)
  • Favorite Places (K for Kalamazoo, Z for Zanzibar)
  • Hobbies (Y for Yarn Dyeing, B for Baking)
The choices are nearly endless, but I want to see your personality! I want to learn something unique about you or something you know. Your post should inspire thoughts like: "Dang, that's one awesome chick." or "I REALLY want!!!" or "I never realized Chicken, Alaska was known for its polka festival...or that it was a real town for that matter."

Bad example: C is for Cats. I like cats. They are fluffy.

Good example: C is for Calico Cat, like my cousin Jeff's. She lets me rub her belly. And if you've never rubbed a cat's belly, it's like frolicking in the backhair of an angel. (Thanks to The Oatmeal for that one.)

What I need from you:
  • One guest post 500 words or less related to the letter you picked.
  • Profile pic and short (45-100 word) bio
  • Contact links
  • Any photos that help illustrate your post (like that mouthwatering meatloaf you made)
  • Send everything to mystiparker (at) yahoo (dot) com with A-Z Challenge in the subject line.
If you're up to the challenge, grab a letter (I dare you to pick X) by signing up via the link below. I'm also providing a list so you can see which letter corresponds with each day (and I'll keep it up-to-date as they're assigned):

April 1-A-Barbara Donlon Bradley
April 2-B-Cristina Rehn
April 3-C-Ian Hall
April 4-D-LM Fields
April 5-E-LY Levand
April 6-F-Debbie Seko
April 8-G-Margaret Fieland
April 9-H-Tori L. Ridgewood
April 10-I-Matt Posner
April 11-J-SC Dane
April 12-K-Pam Turner
April 13-L-Jenny Twist
April 15-M-Racheal Rawlings
April 16-N-John Steiner
April 17-O-Dan Wright
April 18-P-JoAnne Myers
April 19-Q-Jasmine Giacomo
April 20-R-TJ Marshall
April 22-S-Amelia J.
April 23-T-Rebecca Barray
April 24-U-Ey Wade
April 25-V-Tara Fox Hall
April 26-W-Von Rupert
April 27-X-Jenni Gallagher
April 29-Y-Leona Pence
April 30-Z-Mickey Mills


  1. I would like "S" please.

    1. Hey TJ! Sorry, but Amelia J already signed up for it. Can you click the link up above and pick another letter?

  2. April 4rth, "D" please. Thank you! :)

  3. I randomly chose April 26 which turns to be W. :) Wannabe Writer? Wonky Wipers?

  4. Ooo, Brave Jenni Gallagher took X!!! Way to go and thanks to everyone who's signed up so far!

  5. Replies
    1. Of course--grab a letter and get creative! :)

    2. I'll take Z, but I wasn't quite sure how to do it. I'm new at this A-Z blog thing.

    3. Well, I picked "K" (Friday 12). Hope I did it right. (Fingers are crossed.)

    4. Yep, looks like you're on the Doodle schedule for K! Looking forward to your post :)

  6. Just put in my doodle hold for "B"!

  7. Hi Mysti. Can I grab L ?

  8. How about a for alpha male for me?


    1. Don't see your name on the Doodle sign up sheet, but I can add you.

    2. Duh! That's because I didn't see that. Thanks for adding me


  9. Oooohhh! Fun!! I signed up for April 23-T! Thanks, Mysti!!

  10. I'll take the "Z" on April 30. I like the challenge. :)

  11. Replies
    1. Yay! Hiya Rachael! Welcome to Unwritten :)


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