Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another 4-star review for A Ranger's Tale!

From Queentutt on Goodreads:

Fantastic Read! 

I really enjoyed this Fantasy, Wizards, mages, spells, and magical powers with lots of action entrance you right away and the romance was weaved within the story perfectly as were the love scenes that were described with creatively written clean taste that left you with all kinds of erotic visions to imagine. The story grabbed me right away with the rebellious daughter of a master wizard who wanted nothing to do with the controlled life that was set before her. 

Cali, a beautiful high elf with long golden hair and blue eyes wants more out of life than following in her father’s footsteps and having her life planned out for her with an arranged marriage to a man who she didn’t love. She wanted to see the world and experience life and discover who she was. 


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