Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Interview with Author Dalian Artanian

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Here we are, already our sixth author interview. Making an appearance today is the fantasy author Dalian Artanian. His first novel, Fawcetta: Voices and Echoes of the Coliseum Volume I, published by Author House, has received some very nice reviews at The sequel, Fawcetta: Voices and Echoes of the Coliseum Volume 2, is set to be released in May of this year.

Welcome, Dalian! From looking on your blog, it looks like you have a company, Artyrian Entertainment. Can you tell us more about this and about what you do when you're not writing?

My company Artyrian Entertainment is a company that deals with music, novels, films, book trailers and movie scripts. I put this company together to help find new talent throughout the United States. I feel there is so much talent out there that most companies just don’t give them that chance to show it. Artyrian Entertainment will give anyone a chance to prove they are serious with their talent. Now what I do when I’m not writing is photography. Love doing photography, keeps me focused on how beautiful our world really is.

Give us a little run-down about Fawcetta, volumes 1 and 2. What is continuous between both books, and what makes them different?

Fawcetta, volume 1 basically opens up the story and introduces all the characters. We see the development of how evil is born on the first Volume. The Second volume continues right where Volume one ends. This is a story that just keeps going from Volume to volume. What makes them different is in Volume one the focus is mainly on how the princess turned from being good, to being really bad. The second Volume is how two soul mates finally find each other and the battles and tests they go through.

What inspired you to write these fantastical stories? Can you pinpoint it down to a certain line, idea, picture, or event?

I did not get any inspiration from any books or pictures or even ideas. I was inspired from dreams I kept having over the years. I had no idea why I kept having these dreams. Maybe I read too many fantasy stories or saw too many fantasy films and day-dreamed about them. But I do know most of what I wrote on both Volumes and going to write on the Third came from dreams I had.

Do you have another work in progress, and can you share anything about that?

I do have notes and blueprints on another novel based on the days of Egypt. I can’t really say what because I don’t want to give anyone any ideas, but yes, I am working on another novel besides Fawcetta…

Like everyone else, you get a random question of the day. Ready? If you found an old brass lamp at a garage sale, took it home, polished it, and a lovely genie popped out, prepared to grant you three wishes, what would you wish for?

That’s an easy one. To have my Novels made into movies.

Finally, Dalian, would you mind sharing a short excerpt from one of your works (or even a WIP):

      The land stood very still as the morning sun peeked over the snow-covered mountains; the rivers and streams lit up with the early dawn. Two hovering sky-cycles with two men sitting on them were visible through the cool mist. Nizon, the lead Guardian, looked upon his digital pad for signs of any incoming enemy. As he observed carefully, at his side, General Arkanon gave orders on his Ear-Kalm to the rest of the Guardians, making sure everyone was ready. On the west side of the valley of Adorya, the young captain Dalian Artanian walked among his battalion of troops, all preparing their battle-cycles and checking their weapons to make sure everything was working properly.  The last thing they needed was malfunctioning equipment in the middle of a battle.  

Thank you for stopping by, Dalian, and I wish you much success!

**EDIT--Watch a really nice trailer for Fawcetta, Vol. 1 here:


  1. The Fawcetta trilogy looks intriguing, and the excerpt was exceptionally well-written.

    Power to you, Dalian.

  2. Good the answer "made into movies" all of us as writers wish that dream. T.D. Jones

  3. I first read Dalian's novel Fawcetta: Voices and Echoes of the Coliseum Volume I,last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Dalian and I began communicating via Twitter,then Facebook. Since that time we have kept in contact. Dalian kindly read my own novel and contributed his review of my work on Amazon, as did I for him. We authors have to stick together. Great interview Mysti. :)

  4. That trailer was AMAZING! It's easily the best book trailer I've ever seen.

  5. It really was a cool trailer! Like a mini-movie.

  6. Thank you Mysti for take the time to interview me and your support...For you who enjoyed the first book trailer of Fawcetta... here is the link to my second book trailer...For the second novel...

    Dalian Artanian

  7. Facetta second book trailer...

  8. You're welcome Dalian! Good luck with book 2!


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