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An Interview with Author D.L. Robinson

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It's Wednesday, the very last day of March! Let's end the month on a good note with author interview #18. Say a big hello to D.L. Robinson, author of her debut novel, Banish The Dragon, published by Melange Books. Check out D.L.'s website HERE and her blog HERE.

Thanks for stopping by, D.L.! Grab a seat and tell us all about yourself. Looks like you married your high school sweetheart. I did too! Tell us about him and about your non-writing life.

We’ll celebrate our 44th anniversary at the end of April and the magic is still there. He’s both a romantic and a ‘wild and crazy’ kind of a guy and my biggest fan. The other day, he put a brass plaque on our fence saying ‘Home of D.L. Robinson. Author of Banish The Dragon’. You gotta’ love a guy who’ll do that.

We’re both retired and, when not at our computers, we don’t seem to have any trouble keeping busy. When we were both working and the financial picture was brighter, we travelled to Australia, France, Spain and many times to the British Isles, knowing that when we retired, our ‘wings’ would be clipped. Now if we feel like travelling, we just open one of our photo albums and relive that particular trip.

We have a Shih Tzu named Chopstix  who pretty much rules the roost. We enjoy getting together with family and friends and, when they’re not in school, our grandchildren.

Banish the Dragon looks like your classic English romantic tale. Is it Victorian? Regency? What inspired you to write it, and how long was the process?

Banish The Dragon takes place about 1840 and is a romance with a happy ending. I’ve heard that you should write about what you know and, since I love to read romance books, that’s what I wanted to write about. I don’t know if there was any particular inspiration (other than my husband) but it has definitely been a long process. I started about 10 years ago – writing a few pages, crumpling a few pages and ignoring the whole thing for months on end. Finally, after I retired, I told myself to either get to it or quit trying and, as they say, the rest is history.

How long have you been writing? Do you have other publications, like short stories, or is this just the beginning of a great career?

I don’t have any other publications. Banish The Dragon was my first attempt at writing. I think I’ve always ‘created’ romantic stories but I was the only audience, too shy and too scared to share them with anyone. I hope it’s the beginning of a ‘great career’ but since I’ve recently turned 65, it might not be as long a career as one might wish.

What genres of books do you like to read? Any favorite authors?

I’ve always been a tremendous fan of romance writer Kathleen Woodiwiss and have read almost all of her books multiple times. Ken Follett is another favourite, especially his Pillars of the Earth and Time without End. I’ve just started Fall of Giants. I love history, especially within the British Isles.

Are you working on anything now, and can you tell us about it?

I started a second novel a few months ago, tentatively titled Oh Wicked Escort, set in Victorian England. Jack The Ripper will be a secondary character but it is mainly a romance with, of course, a happy ending. I haven’t gotten too far with it because of everything that’s going on with Banish The Dragon – I kept bringing in characters from that story – I guess I’m just not a ‘multi-tasker’.

Don't look now, but the random question is headed straight for you! What are your biggest pet-peeves?

My biggest peeves:
1)      Telephone solicitors
2)      Tightwads
3)      People who continually practise one-upmanship

Finally, Ms. Robinson, could you share a short excerpt from your novel or a work in progress?
From Banish The Dragon:

      Larkin, stepping aside as they fled the cottage, repositioned himself in front of the door as it closed, folding his thick arms across his chest menacingly. Shifting uncomfortably, he watched as his mistress circled the room, feeling a momentary twinge of sympathy for the lass. He had witnessed many of Lady Talbot’s savage attacks on the undefended and helpless over the years but fear of losing his position had always prevented him from interfering.
      Katherine, eyes flashing threateningly, stormed up to her unwanted visitor, heedless of the precariousness of her position. “What do you mean, barging into my home, uninvited, and dismissing my guests who were only here to lend what comfort they could on the loss of my beloved aunt?”
      Lady Talbot, looking down at the slight girl who faced her so fearlessly, smirked knowingly, causing a shiver of apprehension to course down Katherine’s spine. “Tush, my girl, don’t bother putting on airs with me.” Her tone was chilling. “I come bearing the most welcome tidings to you—an Irish guttersnipe, someone who has no dowry and absolutely no prospects, and this is your way of thanking me.”
      Startled, Katherine’s eyes, still sparkling with barely contained anger, gazed warily at the older woman. “What are you going on about, Lady Talbot?”
      “Why, I’m referring to your wedding, of course.” A shocked gasp escaped from the girl, making the older woman gloat in satisfaction. The little chit’s reaction was so much better than anything she had imagined. Almost trembling with glee, her arms swept the room. “Gather what belongings you have, girl, you’re moving back to the manor for the remainder of your time here.”
Thanks again for visiting Unwritten, D.L. I wish you all the best!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your interview program, Mysti. I enjoy reading how other authors think. On your ‘random question’, my favourite has to be ‘what’s in your fridge’? That was about as random as it gets and it really cracked me up.


  1. Interesting interview! Love the part about the brass plaque. How romantic!!

  2. This was another great interview posted at Unwritten! :) Your life sounds amazing, and we share a love for the tiny Shih Tzu emperors. Banish the Dragon...fantastic title, and it looks wonderful.


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