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An Interview with Author Alex Sinclair

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Welcome to author interview #7! Please help me welcome author Alex Sinclair, author of several titles, including The Lady of the Lake, The Man with Two Hearts, and Way of the Crescent (coming soon), all from Melange Books. Click the link below the picture to visit Alex's website, where he lists other works, excerpts, and even a free read.

All right, Alex, let's go! Who's the man behind Alex Sinclair? What makes you tick when you're not sitting at the keyboard?

Where do I start? I don’t really find myself with a great deal of free time these days. My life is split between writing my books, promoting my books, martial arts and my family. I say family, but that generally means babysitting several of my TEN nieces and nephews at one time! I do have some small hobbies such as landscape photography, reading and walking my two dogs cross country. Outside of that my life pretty much revolves around my important people and my books.  

Have you had any specific experiences that inspired your books? Like "The Lady of the Lake", for instance conjures images of King Author and Camelot. Is there any connection?

I do have some experience in my stories. Of course many people tend to take this the wrong way with some of the erotic romance novels, but they are not all erotica! The Lady and the Lake, the title is from the King Arthur legend. I usually start with a title and go from there when I write. This may seem a little strange, but I like having good titles. This was a title I wanted to use for a very long time because when my older sister of six years was in school she had to do an art project on King Arthur for her exams. She did this beautiful image of Excalibur rising out of the lake, but held in a woman’s hand. I still have this painting and always wanted to use this title for one of my own books. The Way of the Crescent Moon that is released in a month or two is heavily based on my experiences as a martial artist and how this can attract unwanted attention from people with low I.Q's and big mouths and shows how easily life can get out of control if you don't use your head and learn how to avoid trouble, but I probably have a whole lot of experiences in the books that I don’t even notice. I never start a book with an idea in mind or genre. I usually have a nice sounding title and think... what could this be about? It is like picking a book off a shelf that has caught your eye. The only difference is I get to decide what happens with the story.

Do you have any works in progress you can tell us about?

Works in progress... I am putting the final touches to a romance novel called, The Unwanted Woman, this is a very clever but hard novel to write. It has taken about six months, but I am very happy with the final product. The story was supposed to end one way, but my book plan went out the window when the characters decided to take over. I am also working on a children’s novel that I know my nephews would love, but that is only about half way through and needs some work... a bit of work... a lot of work... loads of work! I do have two new novellas planned. I haven’t started them yet because I am not 100% happy with the storylines. These will be my first two sequels I have attempted and they are for, Bitch and Under The Midnight Sky, which have done amazingly well on kindle.

I have been promising more of Bitch for about six months now. I didn’t want to write a sequel just to cash in on the success of the first, which held a top 20 rank on Gothic Romance on for a good while. I have waited until I had a story that could enhance the original and make the series even better. The same goes for, Under The Midnight Sky, I didn’t expect it to sell so well and it has only been out for about a week and climbed into Kindle top 100 for Suspense. So I will start the sequel and release it between, The Way of the Crescent Moon and The Flames of Winter, which are both released with Melange with year.

What kind of books do you like to read? Any favorite authors?

I actually like reading anything and everything. I like to push myself to read books outside of what I would normally read because I just love learning how other writers tell a story. Different genres require different story telling methods. My favourite author is Terry Pratchett. I am a big fan of the disc world novels. I think this is where I pick up a lot of my bad habits from. His books don't really follow any real writing rules. I also like Doug Naylor and Rob Grant. They wrote the reddwarf books, which have so many laugh out loud moments that it is crazy. I think that is the sign of a great book if it actually makes you laugh. Not so good if you are sitting alone in a public place!

I can't let you get away without a random question, so here goes. If you could go anywhere at all for a vacation, even in a different time period, where and when would it be?

I think I would like to go back to last Thursday when I had a lovely prawn sandwich for lunch! Also, Japan! I have always wanted to go to Japan. I think that is the martial artist in me, but I think I will wait till I am super rich because it is a very expensive place to go to. 

Finally, Mr. Sinclair, could you share a short excerpt from one of your published stories or even a work in progress?

Here is a very brief except from my latest release. “Under The Midnight Sky”

      Angel walked around the side of the bed and stopped. The glow of the moonlight through the bedroom window created a sweet angelic aura upon her gentle face. He had never seen someone so beautiful before. It was like looking down on perfection. She was everything any man could ever want and more. The sad thing was that she was stuck with Arthur.

      ‘How long are you going to watch me for?’ she asked without opening her eyes.

      ‘I could watch you all night.’

      A sweet innocent smile split her soft red lips. She blinked once or twice and turned her ocean blue coloured eyes up towards him. The look of love written upon his face caused something warm to glow within the centre of her soul. It had been a long time since someone looked at her in such an honest and caring way.

      ‘You always know just what to say,’ said Clarissa.

      Angel shrugged his shoulders. ‘I just say what’s in my heart.’

      ‘And what does your heart say right now?’

      ‘It says I love you.’ He sat down on the edge of the bed beside her.

      Clarissa giggled like some kind of school girl. She didn’t mean too, but there was something intoxicating about hearing such lovely words from the man of her dreams.

      ‘I love you too.’

      ‘I know you do.’ Angel leaned down and kissed her gently upon her lips. It was a soft and delicate kiss and carried the full weight of his feelings and emotions for her. It was the type of kiss that could only be shared by two people that truly cared for one another. It was the kiss of soul mates. ‘We could just leave here…’ he let his words hang in the air for a moment.

Thank you, Alex, for stopping by. I wish you a ton of success!


  1. Great interview. I love great titles too. That is how a lot of my stories start, I get the title and then the story happens. Good luck on getting to Japan.

  2. Yet another great interview Mysti. Like your interviewee, I also come up with a title first on occasion. At other times it could be a quote I read somewhere...

  3. Super interview! I love your random questions. :)
    My titles drive me nuts. Usually, I'm near the end of the story before I settle on one. It's interesting how different authors arrive at their titles.

    The Lady of a great title. Anything dealing with King Arthur and/or that time period is fascinating.

  4. Wow, 10 nieces and nephews? You are a brave babysitter, but I bet they love having an author for an uncle!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  5. One of the first things that came to me was the title of my book as well!
    Aundes Aura.


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