Monday, March 21, 2011

An Interview with Author Molly Allman Smith

Learn more about Molly HERE!
Welcome to interview #14--a great way to beat your Mundaze! Up today is Molly Allman Smith, author of Tales From Imagination's Closet, an anthology of twenty-nine stories just released by Melange Books. Visit her website HERE to see her other short stories, poems and children's tales. Click the link under the picture to visit her blog, where she has some excerpts from her latest release. And don't forget to follow!

Thanks for coming over, Molly! Pull up a chair and tell us about yourself. What do you do when you're not writing?

Thanks, Mysti. Delighted to be here. Actually, I am always writing. I work as a freelance writer,  I attend college and write fiction, so 90% of my day is spent doing some type of writing. I enjoy it, though!

From looking at the story blurbs, it looks like Imagination's Closet is just that--tales spun right out of a vivid imagination ranging from paranormal to psychological. Did you write each one with the intent of putting them together or did you decide that afterward?

It was afterward. I really enjoy writing short stories, and I love speculative fiction, so I ended up large collection of that specific genre, some were previously published in magazines and the rights reverted back to me, so I decided instead of sending out my stories to various magazines, why not compile them into a collection of short stories. 

You've published many short stories, according to the magnificent list on your website. Are they similar in theme to the stories in Imagination's Closet? Are there any genres that you'd like to try or don't want to try?

The majority of my published works are the similar to Imagination’s Closet, but I do have a few children’s stories. My short story, Viral Smiles, is scheduled for publication next month in The Other Herald and it is comedy. 

The only genres I wouldn’t want to try are romance and erotica. That just isn’t something I am interested in writing. 

What authors have inspired you over the years?

Two of my favorite authors are Ray Bradbury and Jack London. Bradbury’s stories, though, are my biggest inspiration. I love short stories that make the reader think, but at the same time entertain and surprise them. 

Is there something you're working on now, and can you tell us about it?

I am working on a second book of short stories. Again, these are speculative fiction much like Imagination’s Closet. As I mentioned earlier, I really enjoy the speculative-what if?- kind of story mixed with humor, mystery and drama. I am also working on two YA novels and series of children’s picture books. 

Now for today's random question: If you could live in any TV sitcom, which would it be?

I know this is now in syndication, but I’d love to be on Third Rock from the Sun. It is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, and no matter how many times I’ve seen an episode, it always makes me laugh.  Plus, I like the idea of quirky aliens living among us and we humans can be so peculiar ourselves, we don’t even realize it.  

Finally, Ms. Smith, can you share a short excerpt of one of your published works or a work in progress?

Sure. This is an excerpt from “Laugh Like a Baby,” a short story from Tales From Imagination’s Closet.

      My life is kind of like a week old banana. It has some bruisedareas, but it’s still good. As I reflect upon the soft, bruised areasof my past, I laugh hysterically. But, I will try to control myemotions as I fill you in. 
      I was unusual from the day of my birth. The doctor slappedmy wrinkly bottom the day I was born, but I didn’t cry; I laughed.Everyone in the room was stunned; newborns can’t laugh. So,with Momma’s permission, I went through all sorts of tests. Theresults: all doctors found me to be perfectly healthy. The doctorsdecided I was a baby with an abnormal cry, and I would grow outof it as my tiny lungs matured. 
      Momma took me home and soon discovered the doctorswere wrong. I laughed at a full diaper and bawled while playingpeek-a-boo. 
      Every doctor that examined me as a child was baffled. “It issomething that will straighten itself out as he heads intoadulthood,” the doctors told us. 
      Momma finally gave up on the doctors and accepted me “asis.” She gave birth to me in her late forties. I was probably thefirst and last child she’d ever have, so she loved me even thoughI was a freak. 
      Momma learned to deal with my abnormality, laughing alongwith me as I sobbed watching cartoons, and kissing my bumpsand bruises as I chuckled.

Thanks so much, Molly, for visiting today! I wish you much success!

 Thank you, Mysti.


  1. Molly:

    Wonderful interview. :)
    Speculative fiction is my favorite too. The excerpt makes me wonder what happens next!


  3. Great interview! I admire anyone who can write that many short stories. Sometimes I think the short ones are more difficult to write than book-length :)


  4. Thank you. I appreciate you all stopping by to read my interview, and thank you Mysti for the opportunity to share a bit of myself and my writing. :)

  5. Hi Mysti and Molly. I loved the interview, always so interesting to hear about how writers approach their craft. I'm a huge fan of Ray Bradbury too. :) Best to you both.

  6. Great interview. I think Third Rock from the Sun was one of the funniest shows around too. Best of luck with all your writing projects.

  7. Mysti - I love your randon question...great interview. Thanks for featuring other writers on your site.


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