Monday, February 20, 2012

Catching Up is Hard To Do

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Kinda like breakin' up, with less snot and tears.

Congratulations to Shadow, who won a copy of A Ranger's Tale, from the Romancing the Book Blog Hop.

Congratulations to Christine, who won a copy of Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum by Stephen Prosapio, from his blog tour and giveaway.

Congratulations to all the peeps who have answered the trivia questions correctly on my Facebook Fan Page. You'll get your copies of Serenya's Song as soon as I have a final one back in my bony little hands. I'll keep posting those daily (sometimes twice a day if I'm feeling ornery enough). You'll have to read A Ranger's Tale to know the answers, but it's super easy to order. Scroll along on the sidebar, and you'll see a few links for it. It's at Melange Books, Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a bunch of other online places.

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Last but not least, thanks to everyone who is reading and voting for the "Love at First Sight" writing contest submissions. Keep the votes coming in by spreading the word. I'm already thinking about the next contest topic, and I think it will involve death or evil monkeys. I can't decide. Maybe death BY evil monkeys. Bwahahahaha!

Next on my list is to catch up with feedback for my critique partners and for a writer buddy and to prepare a couple of interviews that will appear next week. And sometime VERY soon, I've got to jump back into full-fledged writing. I've got to quiet all the voices in my head, screaming at me for their turn on the page.

I'm the tortoise, baby, slow and steady, though there may be some snot and tears along the way!


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