Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Updates and Such

I've gotten in 13 entries for the Love at First Sight writing contest. I have decided to narrow these down to the top FIVE thusly:

An impartial judge (my hubby), who wouldn't know any of you from Adam, will receive printed versions of your entries, with your names removed. If you can catch his short attention span with your snippets,  you'll be chosen. I will then add all the finalists' entries to a new post and open voting so all you dear Unwritten followers can vote on your favorite. I'll be emailing each participant with that link as soon as this is finished.

Don't fret if you don't make it this time around. I have decided I like hosting contests, so I'll do them fairly regularly. 

And just another note: I noticed too late that some early entries went over the 500 word limit. From now on, I will have to be more strict on accepting these so as to be fair to those who remain within the guidelines. Not that this is a ginormous contest, nor am I a word count Nazi. I just want to be fair to all involved. Savvy?


Thanks to everyone who signed up for a spot in my March author series. We're all full up now. I think it will be really fun and informative for all involved. Do try to send in your guest post (along with your promo info) sooner than later. I can draft them early and just hit "publish post" on your special day. I'll try to email you when yours comes up too, but I'll also be posting on FB, Twitter, and here for you to see.

If this goes well, I'll see about having another series later in the year. Stay tuned!!

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