Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Interviews Are Better Than One

Hiya peeps! 

I managed to get myself on two blogs this week. Both of them interviewed me, and one is giving away a copy of A Ranger's Tale! I'll post them both here so that you may go read, comment, and FOLLOW!!!

That's right...listen to my the swaying Hershey's kiss...follow their blogs......

Seriously, both of them have great sites, with lots of reviews and more, so be sure to check them out.

1. I'm at my not-so-evil twin (Misty Rayburn's) blog, The Top Shelf, with an interview and giveaway. Leave a comment there with your email, and she'll choose a winner tomorrow (2/9/12). She reviews lots of books and hosts tons of giveaways, so it pays to join her book blog!

2. Dan Wright is hosting me at his really cool blog, Pandragon Dan. He's one of  several awesome guys who have read A Ranger's Tale and liked it! He's a fantasy author himself and reviews books for the website Read2Review. Hop on over to to his site to see his reviews, interviews, and to check out his books, Trapped on Draconica and The Wandering Valkyr.

What do ya know? That kiss magically disappeared... Laterz! ~Mysti


  1. Haven't commented on your blog in a while :) Just wanted to let you know I still live, and to tell you that I checked your updated playlist. Love Jar of Hearts - I have it on my soundtrack for Saving Grace :D

    And yeey for your interviews :)

  2. Many thanks for taking the time for the interview Mysti. It was a pleasure and I look forward to reading your later works! :)


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