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CFF #13: The Elsters Sister Christmas Gift to Trixie by Mark Mackey

What do you get the demon woman on your list who has everything? Mark Mackey answers this quirky question in this little tale of three witchy sisters who want to give their "friend" something special. Read on and please leave a comment...


Mark Mackey

     “Christmas is almost upon us, what are wishing to get Sharon?” My younger sister Angela asked me. The two of us along with my other sister Bridget sat feet away from a toasty warm fire. Right outside snow was coming down quite heavily, our sole parent Diane out for the evening with some friends.
     “To tell you the truth Angela, I haven’t put much thought into it,” I replied in a low, calm voice. And honestly I really hadn’t, the way I saw things, there wasn’t much I seriously wanted for Christmas. Sure I supposed I wanted my younger cousin Julie, even younger than Angela and Bridget, and presently residing in Blue Winter Connecticut to spend the holiday with us. At least I had Trixie, which was the next best thing, her being a one of a kind demon woman residing in a life size mirror doubling as a portal to a strange and dark world. According to Trixie this place was filled with the worst of the worst evil demonic creatures imaginable. As I sat there thinking about this, I felt a cold chill start to rise in knowing whenever she wasn’t around, she was having to endure being around these nightmarish entities.
     What brought me out of further thinking about this, Bridget’s “oh come on Sharon, you’ve got to want something!” Bridget said in a sharply raised voice.
     “She’s right Sharon, there must be something you had your heart and mind set on,” Angela continued. “And the three of us as real, true to life witches and the powerful magic we possess stemming from that fact, there’s nothing we can’t have.”
     Angela sure had a point there, I realized. The fact we were witches, there pretty much wasn’t anything my sisters and I couldn’t have. The question I asked myself did I really want anything other than Julie around to celebrate with us? And then just like that out of complete nowhere, what I wanted for Christmas hit me. Nothing for me, but for Angela, Bridget and I to combine our magic and bring back Trixie’s long dead sister Emmy back to life for her.
      “I’ve got it,” I announced suddenly. “Angela, Bridget, Trixie’s done so much for us ever since she’s been a resident here, I think we should do something nice for her for a change.”
     “Sure I could go for doing something nice for Trixie,” Bridget remarked.
     “Bridget’s right Sharon,” Angela added. “I mean, she’s helped us out on more than one occasion against not only those two bullying, thorn in our side girls, Heather and Tracy. But with Julie and her problems she had with Amanda and Gillian last fall.”
     “So I guess that means you two are all for my idea?” I asked feeling giddy excitement start to rise in knowing Angela and Bridget cared about Trixie just as much as I did.
     “Sharon, you know Angela and I love Trixie just like she was our own sister,” Bridget remarked.
     “Uh-huh we sure do big sister,” Angela said. “As far as I’m concerned, Trixie’s an Elsters woman just like us, Diane, Julie and Katherine. I’m all for bringing Emmy back from the dead so she can spend a Christmas with her sister.”
     “Thanks Angela and Bridget, you don’t know what this means to me,” I replied.
     “So what are we waiting for, let’s get it done and make Trixie the happiest demon spirit in the world,” Angela said.
    “Okay, you both know how it works Angela and Bridget,” I informed my two pure, heart of gold younger siblings.
     “Bring Emmy back from the dead and make her flesh and blood.”
     “Bring Emmy back from the dead and make her flesh and blood.”
     “Bring Emmy back from the dead and make her flesh and blood.”
     In just a matter of seconds, Angela, Bridget and I knew we were about to get our wish granted and surprise the heck out of Trixie. How this was revealed to us, in the simplest way possible, by the front doorbell suddenly erupting into a series of rings.
     “Magic sure works in mysterious ways,” Angela commented.
     “Yeah you sure got that right,” Bridget added.
     “Trixie would you come down here, Angela, Bridget and I have a surprise for you!” I yelled out.
     “What is it Sharon?” Trixie asked the moment she materialized before our very eyes.
     “Trixie, there’s someone waiting for you at the front door,” I said.
     Keeping my eyes completely focused on Trixie as she glided with pure gracefulness over to the front door, I felt the excited giddiness grow further and stronger.
     “Merry Christmas Trixie,” I said once she managed to get the door open and stand face to face with her sister whom she hadn’t seen in several centuries.
     “I missed you so much Trixie,” Emmy said. “Sharon, Angela, and Bridget thought it was time they did something nice to you for a change.”
     “Sharon, Angela, and Bridget, you don’t know what this means to me,” Trixie said returning to face us.
     “As far as we’re concerned you’re an Elsters Trixie,” I replied.


Bio: Mark Mackey, living in Chicago, started writing during his teenage years in the 1990’s when he submitted a simple poem to a contest which was later published in an anthology.

In addition he has won two screenplay awards, one for the short screenplay Horror in the Woods, and one for the feature Length screenplay A Tale of Two Girls, both in the book Four Screenplays volume I. Also he has wrote several books in the process of being edited and three short stories published in three different anthologies.


  1. Great story, Mark! It was a very enjoyable read and am glad Trixie got her sister back for a little bit. Merry Christmas to you and yours and a safe holiday season too!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks and hope you have a merry Christmas and great new year!

  3. Good story, Mark. It was nice for Trixie to see her sister again, but I hoped the three witches could free Trixie from the mirror and close the demon portal. I guess that might make a whole nother story.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. I've been thinking about writing a series about the Elsters sisters and Trixie for the past year now, I'll keep your idea in mind. As a matter of fact, I'm writing the end of Curse Girl, my nano novel, and they play a large role in it.

    1. Look for Curse Girl on Kindle sometime in the beginning of next year.

    2. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it.

  5. What a great gift they gave her! Good story.

  6. Wow...that is one heck of a Christmas present! What a fun story. :) How wonderful you are finishing a nano novel. I've never tried it, but it sounds like a great time.

  7. Thanks, I'm glad you both liked it.


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