Friday, February 25, 2011

An Interview with Author Margo Benson

Learn more about Margo at!

Happy Friday, blog world! Today, I'm interrogating, I mean interviewing, Margo Benson! On her blog, she writes, "I have had flash fiction stories published on and am dreaming of my NaNo novel being made into a film starring Dame Judi Dench and Helena Bonham Carter." You can read some of her paranormal flash pieces on her blog, so head on over. 

Welcome to Unwritten, Margo! Now, tell us about yourself. When you're not dreaming up ghostly or romantic tales, what do you do with your time?

My life is rather chaotic (in a good way!) I design and make jewellery in sterling silver. I taught myself some ancient chain maille weaves, which lend themselves to beautiful patterns. I’m also an aromatherapist and reflexologist – plus, I’m involved in running make up workshops for the cancer charity Look Good Feel Better. All of these are part-time, which gives me time to write and sing in a three piece band, Three Ravens.

I see on your blog that you've had some flash pieces published. Are they romantic or paranormal themed? Where can we find them?

One is kind of romantic and the other is a rather sad observation based on a real event. They can be found at

It also says (yes, I stalk your blog) that you are working on a NaNo novel. What can you tell us about that?

I love being in this story! The plot evolved from a chance ‘What if…?’ What would REALLY happen if some UFOs appeared outside a rural home very early one morning? No big city, no Will Smith saving the world, no hostility. The UFOs only play a small role, the rest is the impact they have on a small town. It’s a quirky romp with a delicious romance woven in. It’s not space-themed in any way 

What authors or books have inspired your writing?

Everything really from A A Milne to Dickens. I love Isabel Allende, Oscar Wilde, Ezra Pound and Penelope Lively. I re-read Harry Potter when I’m ill and Chloe by Freya North if I’m in a dark place.

As you can probably tell, I like to throw in a random question now and then to keep people on their toes. If we were to look inside your refrigerator right now, what would we find?

A mess as I’m a lousy housekeeper! Some West Country mature cheddar cheese, soya milk, uncooked mince ready for a Shepherd’s Pie, some fresh cream and a few tomatoes.

Now, Ms. Benson, could you share a short excerpt of your work (published or in progress)?

I’d be delighted! Here is an excerpt from my short story ‘The Garden Party"

The Garden Party

Alf stood alone in the Oriental garden holding a glass of champagne and gazed up at the town hall. He remembered Jeanette telling him that it was painted green during the war.She had lived in the small upstairs flat as a child, the rooms now used for the council’s archives. Alf had enjoyed having to find some obscure council minutes up there, imagining Jeanette’s childhood. Her father had been the fire warden for the council and her mother a well-known local seamstress. The Murphy’s had moved into the centre of town when there was no more need for a fire warden.

Alf had been nineteen and arriving for his interview at Halewood and Gaines when he saw Jeanette behind the large wooden desk where she skilfully answered the phone, connected several patchcords and had a welcoming smile for him. She had wished him luck, giving him a wink and, when the job was his, was the first person he saw on his first day.

“Jeanette Murphy!” shouted his mother when he described the company personnel he had met so far. “A harlot allowed to work in a respectable place such as Halewood and Gaines? You stay away from her…..and those…those wild tinkers!” The bread and butter dropped from Alf’s hand in shock at his mother’s vitriol. “I’ve worked hard to keep you away from people like Mariah and Aengus Murphy. Them with their singing and carrying on!”

Thank you, Margo, for taking the time to share a few things with us today. I wish you much success!

Thank you for having me, I’ve had a brilliant time!


  1. Great interview. Margo you sound like a very creative person from writing to music to making creations. T.D. Jones

  2. Oooh Jeanette and her wild tinkers!!!! Yay!! Thanks for hosting the very creative and lovely Margo Benson, Mysti Parker. Take care

  3. Tell me again when you have time to write, Margo? And your photo is beautiful.

  4. Like Alex says, when do you have time to write? I loved your excerpt, Margo. Roland

  5. Hi, Margo.

    The necklace you're wearing is gorgeous... Did you make it?

    I can tell you have more than writing talent. Like you, I have other creative outlets. It's all about creativity.

    Great interview.


  6. Thank you so much everyone and thank you Mysti. I'm glad you liked reading about the lovely Alf, he's a sweetheart!

    Yes, I did make my necklace, the weave is the same us was used in European chain maille armour, where one ring passes through four.

    Thankd again for all the lovely comments bothe here and on my blog.....have a lovely weekend x

  7. My pleasure. Isn't Margo lovely and interesting?

  8. Very nice interview! Alex is right, your photo
    is a good one, and seems to reflect your personality quite well. Take care...

  9. Hi Mysti, Hi Margot! Great interview and loved the short story Margot! I've read your stories on postcards and they're lovely.


  10. Super interview! Loved the story. Margo, you sound like an incredibly creative person!


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