Monday, February 21, 2011

An Interview with Author Mila Ramos

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It's Monday, but fret not, dear blog followers, for we have another fine author visiting us today. Meet Mila Ramos, author of  the anthology "Echoes and Illusions", "The Seventh Legend" (in the Dark Pleasures anthology), and "The Watchers" (in the Strange Desires anthology). All of these can be found at!

Thanks for stopping by, Mila. First, tell us about Mila. What do you like to do when you're not writing fantastic tales? What makes you tick?

I'm actually a chemist, so when I'm not writing I'm working in the lab trying not to lose my mind and throw my work out the window. Some days the work drives me nuts, other days its the best adventure ever. Usually happens when you love something as much as I do chemistry and writing. But normally the essential component of my day is coffee,the delicious java. I can't function without a cup

What authors have inspired you over the years? What do you like to read?

When I have time to read, I usually like to read JR Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood and Fallen Angels Series or Karen Marie Moning's Highlander Series and Fever Series. I have always loved their books and find them to be amazing writers.  After I get my fix from these authors I venture to different others like Katherine Neville who wrote The Eight.I think I've read that book at least ten times and it still intrigues me. Dan Brown is another favorite, Nora Roberts, Caridad Pineiro, Bertrice Small...I have too many books that its impossible to state right now. 

Let's hear about your latest release, "Echoes and Illusions". Looks like "The Watchers" and "The Seventh Legend" also appear in this anthology. Do the other two stories have similar themes?

Yes, they all carry a paranormal feel. Each carry a theme that echoes all through out the book, and each story states an element that isn't really there about each characters. Whether it be their emotions for another person or the way the go about finding the truths about their world.  I was actually reading the story Reel-to-Real to my husband the other night. He knows my stories are out but hasn't been able to read my stories because of his own work load. He then asked me to read Echoes & Illusions to him at bed.  I have never had someone ask me as many questions about each story as much as he has done. He is also now on my butt to finish one of the stories because he is truly interested to them and wants to hear more.

Do you currently have a work in progress, and can you tell us a little about it?

As of last night the works in progress list increased with my husband's request. But here are a few of my works in progress:

Dual Natures
Madelyn Wagner is a woman of prestigious pedigree, and it drives her crazy. When she crosses path with Cole Treunmhor, she learns that sometimes life isn’t so much about what you’re made of, but more of who you really have become.

Glass of Infinity 
“To see a world in a grain of sand and hold eternity for an hour.” – William Blake

They are a special sect given the ability to harness the power of time and use it wisely.  Gifted with powerful and special paranormal gifts including the power to travel through time, the sacred group Divinas upholds the laws and tenements of their order and of the planet they guard. With their constant vigil of time past, present and future, they take their responsibility as well as the possible consequences with serious regard.  When an imbalance within the order starts the downward spiral of destruction, a unique Divina strives to bring peace.

The Snow Queen 
When Adrienne Harris opens an anonymous gift, her world changes..literally.  Kyle Farrell has spent all his time and energy searching for that perfect woman who would understand him and his gifts. When he meets Adrianne, he knows she doesn’t belong in his world, but in order to send her back, he must awaken her to what she has given up.

Now, here's a totally random question: What is one thing that most people don't know about you?

Well that's an easy one, not many people know I'm a belly-dancer.  I think it does not really go with what one thinks of a chemist. Then to find out the chemist is a writer tends to throw a few people a bit back, but to add that that same chemist-writer is a bellydancer, that tends to spin circles a few times. Personally I like doing that, but that's just one of my fun little quirks.

Finally, would you share a short excerpt from one of your published stories or a work in progress?

This is my work in progress; Glass of Infinity.  (copyrighted work)

“To see the world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity for an hour.”
            As the author William Blake has stated, in my hands I hold infinity and the knowledge of the ancients.  My life before is a blur, many of the High Priestesses know a greater magic has played with my memories. 
            I know much about the stars and celestial motions, about the essential nature of entities, about the powers of the immortal gods. Taught the traditional doctrine of the soul's immortality, I have watched the world and its remarkable change. The human mind is outstanding when challenged to its infinite possibilities. Visiting the world many times over, it still holds majestic beauty.
            The flowing of a stream of water, the journey of the sun from rising to setting, the wind blowing through the day setting motion to life.  Each vision of beauty has held an answer.  Mysterious visions giving responses resulting in a new light to unconquered paths waiting for exploration.  All these roads have led me to where I am now.
            My name is Aurora Stannon and I am a Divina. Born to this life, I am a guardian of time and her secrets.  I protect and aid those in need and strike deep into the heart of those who use fear as their weapon. I have come to love this life, though it took time. I have revered it with humbling adulation.  Perseverance and dedication has led to the control needed. In doing so, with ancient times I join the ranks of generations before and bear the sacred mark of the Divinas.  

Mila, again, thanks for visiting us today, and I wish you much success in the future!

Thank you for having me!


  1. Mysti: Great questions! :)

    Mila: Interesting interview. A chemist, writer, and a belly are certainly a unique person!

  2. Love the interview. I too love belly dancing. I took a class one time, but I can't control the bottom half so all seems to shake. All your stories sound interesting. Great job.

  3. Isn't Mila cool? I'm so uncoordinated. Dancing is not for me...and unsafe for anyone nearby :)

  4. Thank you guys!!! Oh TD you should continue with it. That control comes to you as you learn how your body moves. :)

    Thank you so much all.

    Mysti, it really is great to do...and you are not mobile so much....i think you'd be perfect for it.


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