Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of "Onet's Tale" by Jack Eason

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Imagine slaving in a mine on a distant planet, where each swing of your pick throws poisonous dust into the air that will kill you in a few months time from breathing it. This is where "Onet's Tale" opens, but it doesn't stay there long. This epic sci-fi tale from Jack Eason includes a large cast of characters from various planets, including the human/nephile Akhen and Khan, who is a Drana. Once enemies, the two band together to escape the mine and start a rebellion that eventually leads to a war that spans years and galaxies.

The story itself is narrated by Onet, who happens to be a Khaz. Think little gray alien guy that might land in Area 51. Except Onet is albino and has red eyes. He's watching all this unfold, waiting for his chance to stop the evil that his own kind started, which spread through a goddess-type being called Shu, and continued through her horrible creations of berserker warriors.

Murder, war, and mayhem reign throughout this book, while the main characters try very hard to live normal lives. Their efforts are always ripped out from under them, and I sympathized with the tortuous events they lived through. On the other hand, I kept wishing for more character depth. I'm really partial to character-driven novels, and this one seems mostly plot-driven. For me, I would have liked to have been inside the characters' heads more, really feeling what they feel.

If you like sci-fi packed with battles,  futuristic weapons and modes of transport, you'll like "Onet's Tale". Pick up your copy at today!


  1. Thanks for the review Mysti, much appreciated :))

  2. No problem! Glad I could read it!

  3. This is an impressive review. I'm not surprised Jack was delighted. I've been over to Amazon to check it out. If I could have read page one my cash might have been winging its way over. Can Jack get that done?

  4. I will recommend this to my H. Thanks for the review Mysti.

  5. Awesome! Elaine, I've passed on your request to Jack already. :)

  6. Hi Elaine,
    You can read page one, but unfortunately not on Instead log on to in the States where they have the "read inside" system set up for people curious to read the first few pages. Failing that, you can download a sample if you use Kindle, both here in the UK and elsewhere.

    Hope that helps you Elaine

  7. I like all kinds of Sci-Fi, and this sounds really great! The review definitely made me curious. :)


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