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An Interview with J.H. Wear and a Vlog!

Check out this super cool vlog from Elena Solodow, reading an excerpt from A Ranger's Tale! A big thanks to Elena for that one!


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Welcome to Interview #5, better known as the sci-fi author J.H.(Jack) Wear! His books, "Castle", "Castle 2: The Return to Domum", "Dragons in the Water", and "Shadows and Sensations" can all be found at Melange Books

Let's get rollin. First question:  Your website says you write "Science Fiction with a Heart"--can you tell us what that means?

Science fiction is my favourite genre to read, and I scrutinize any story carefully to see if breaks any scientific laws. However, as my wife points out, the story often is just about technology and doesn’t deal much with the interaction of people. So my tagline, Science Fiction with a Heart, is meant to show I want to include relationships along side of the science and technology part of the story. To me people are social creatures and I want to show that within the story. 

Tell us about yourself--what do you do when you're not writing about sexy sci-fi characters?

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Well I do have an interesting job. I own a import company that specializes in New Zealand beverages, such as wine, cider and vodka. It means I have to travel and visit customers in the adult beverage industry. This weekend I’m doing a wine tasting that has about two thousand consumers. In the spare time I do have I like to read, listen to music, have fun with photography and go out for beer and wings with my friends.

The Castle books--looks like a duology--will there be more from the world of Domum? And can you tell us about the world you've created for those?

There will be a third Castle book, titled The New King. Domum is an alternate world. The world of Domum has a small variance in the physical laws of our universe. One is the ability of magic to exist, although the magic is adversely affected by electrical noise and iron. So Domum stays as a medieval world and that gives me some parameters to work with. Dragons and other fable creatures live on Domum and at one time were able to travel to our world, the basis for our legends of them.

What authors / movies / experiences have inspired your sci-fi writing? 

Several authors come to mind. David Brin, Author C Clark, William Gibson and Terry Pratchett all have given me a new way of looking at things. Some movies, like the Butterfly Effect, are interesting but not many to me are captivating. I usually watch movies only to be entertained as I tend to find a flaw in the more serious ones, much to my wife’s annoyance.  

Here's a good question--which book(s) have you had the most fun writing?

I guess it would be Castle, book one. We saw Jon turn from a big meek man into Sir Jon, the Dragon Slayer. On Earth he was quiet without much of a social life, but on Domum he managed to gain the respect of Lords and was the focus of attention within his associates. In book two, I had fun with Council Madoc during his exile on Earth. From a man of great influence on Domum to a man doing magic tricks on Earth he certainly was tested on what was really important to him. 

Can you tell us about any work(s) in progress?

I am waiting for the dreaded edits to begin on Castle three, due for a fall release. I am starting a new fantasy series dealing with a human kingdoms battling for power while witches are slowly trying to become the power behind the throne. I have a couple unfinished stories as well, a detective story and another Sheldon story (Dragons in the Water). I am thinking about writing a couple of short stories soon as I have a few ideas I want to put down.     

And the random question of the day--If you had your choice of any one superpower, what would it be?

To drink more wine without getting drunk. Seriously, I guess the ability to slow down time would be interesting. You could study people and things at your leisure, read a book during a coffee break. Maybe even make that mug of beer stay cold longer.

Finally, Mr. Wear, can you share a short excerpt from one of your published or in progress works?

I would be happy to. This is from Castle, The New King. This except is unedited, so any errors you may find are entirely the editor’s fault for not catching mistakes she has not seen yet.

      Father Murray smiled and nodded at the parish secretary.
      “Good morning Father. There is a young woman waiting to see you in the small conference room.” She looked up at the middle aged, thin man. Worry lines creased his face but he still managed to look friendly with hazel coloured eyes.
     “Her name?”
     “Nadine Newman. She is not in our church denomination list.”
     “Perhaps she will be.”  
     He wondered if it was another possible church member wanting to meet him before deciding to become a church regular. He entered the room and gazed at the woman sitting quietly in front of the table. He recognized her from being at a few of his services.
     “Miss Newman, how can I be of help?”
     She gave a tentative smile. “I want you to answer me a question. It’s about religion.”
     Father Murray smiled as he sat. To his practiced eyed he guessed what that question was going to be. The woman was obviously ill and nearing the end of her life. He expected her to ask him if he knew for certain there was a soul that went to the afterlife. No surprise there for him. He had his pat answer to such a question and it was well rehearsed to bring comfort to those in need. “Please go on. What do you wish to understand?” 
     “I am not well Father and I believe do not have long to live. I have a question about souls.”
     He smiled and opened his hands palms up on the table. “Ah, you are wondering if you have a soul. The scriptures are very clear on this.”
     “I know I have a soul Father. That is not my question.”
     “What then, my child? Are you concerned about a place for you in haven?”
     “In a way, yes. When I die I know my soul will go to heaven. This was taught to me when I was very young and I believe it.”
     “Father Murray became puzzled. “Then?”
     She pursed her lips. “I don’t know how to say this exactly.”
     “Just speak as if to yourself and I will listen.”
     “Father, for this question, let us say I wasn’t born here. Perhaps another world.” She looked up at him, his gaze still soft but his lips had parted. 
     “Is this what you believe of yourself?”
     She nodded. “I also wasn’t born human, but was transformed into one.”
     Father Murray nodded. He had seen ill and feeble people having trouble with reality, especially with the drugs they needed for pain. “When was did this happen?”
    “A few years ago. Since I was changed into human I have not been completely healthy and knew I didn’t have long to live.”
    “So you are prepared?”
    “Yes, I know there is an afterlife.” 
    “Then what is your question?”
    “My soul, when I go to heaven, will it be as a human?” 
    “Do you think of yourself as human?”
    “Yes, I do.”
    “Then your soul is human.”
     Nadine let out her breath slowly. “Thank you. That is the answer I seek.”
     Father Murray escorted her to the church doors. “Go in peace. God is with you.”
     “Thank you. If I somehow get well again I will return to see you.” 
     Tuck carried his and Nadine’s carry-on luggage to the waiting area. Neither had any luggage to check in and security didn’t cause them any problems. He was worried Nadine’s forged passport would be flagged but whatever Madoc did to make it passed all the tests. He watched her carefully walk to the available seats and almost drop on the hard plastic seat. Clearly she was running out of energy and feeling ill, but she didn’t complain. She thanked him several times for his help and each time he told her he was glad to do it.
     The truth was he was happy to be doing something other than work on a physic problem. He felt needed and held compassion for the small woman that gave him fragile smiles. She was thin boned and had a gracefulness to her movements. Her face had delicate features with her blonde hair tied in a ponytail that reached her shoulders. Tuck knew she was a gnant at one time, but despite finding those creatures unappealing, thought she was rather attractive.
     “Can I get you anything Nadine? Something to drink or eat?”
     “Perhaps some tea with sugar. I feel a bit weak.”
     Tuck hurried off and returned with a tea and a doughnut for her.
     “Thank you.” Her hand shook slightly as she lifted up the cup to sip from it. “May I ask you Tuck how you know Jon?”
     “Sure. I helped his sister and Liz with the equipment to help find him when he got lost on Domum. I later worked with his uncle, Gordon Miller, on how the physics of equipment worked. I only met Jon a few times but he seems like a nice guy.”
     “Well you are too Tuck.” She reached over and patted his arm. “I don’t know if I can ever tell you how help you’re giving me.”
     Tuck smiled, enjoying the touch of her fingertips on his arm as she sat next to her.
     When they called for passengers needing assistance to board, Tuck immediately helped her stand up and made the way to the aircraft. He made sure none of the other passengers or staff bumped her as they lined up. He guided her to the seat, and helped her with her lap belt before stowing away the baggage.
     Nadine looked apprehensive as the plane taxied down the runway. Then as it picked up speed and rumbled down prior to liftoff, he saw her squeeze her hands.
     “It’s alright. It’s safe.”
     “I never been so fast before.”
     The plane lifted into the air, forcing them back into their seats.
     “I’m a bit scared.” 
     Tuck reached over and took her hand that she held on tight to. 
     “Perhaps you should have taken the window seat Tuck.” 
     “I think you’ll enjoy the view once we reached cruising speed.”
     She nodded and then returned to stare out the window. “What makes it fly?”
     “Air. The wings have a curved top which thins out the air above. Then the air below lifts it up. It’s how birds fly.”
     “Oh. It looks very pretty down there.”
     Tuck noticed she continued to hold his hand as she stared out of the window. Slowly her head began to nod forward and her shoulders slumped. 
     A few minutes later it was clear she was asleep and as he watched her, Nadine twisted. She freed her hand from his as she pulled her arms inward and then rolled to her side with her head resting on his shoulder.
He looked at her sleeping, feeling pleased with her closeness. 
     Tuck refused to move his arm, not wanting to disturb her and tried to eat his meal using one hand. ‘I been told I have a big mouth but this time it’s coming in handy.’

Thanks so much for stopping by, Jack! I wish you much success!


  1. That was an interesting read. I love the idea of the interweaving worlds, and exploring how the characters react when they're taken out of their comfort zones.

  2. Mysti - I loved Elena's Vlog! Awesome and stunning to see/hear your words brought to life.

    Thank you for the great interview!

    Ellie Garratt

  3. What a wonderful interview and another interesting world to discover. Elena's volg is fabulous!

  4. Great interview. Wine and writing go well together!!


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