Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review of "Hot Days" by T.D. Jones

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This week, I had the pleasure of reading T.D. Jones' Hot Days, which is actually an anthology of two novella-length stories.

"Who Put Grandpa in the Garden!" opens with a problem. Chelsea's grandma needs her to do something with Grandpa. He ends up in her garden--but not in the way one would expect. This sets off a chain of events that makes everyone have to come to terms with some older family issues. This was a warm-hearted story, full of humor that made me laugh out loud numerous times. Chelsea's crazy family hit close to home (ahem), but her experiences as a nurse and as a woman who wants to have a baby really touched my heart. Chelsea herself is all heart and cares deeply for all those around her. She's a very sympathetic character. Her husband Sam is the kind of guy everyone wants, though he's goofed up a bit in this story.

"The Cockeyed Cowboy From Crockett County" features a lonely sheriff who's been unlucky in love. Will Tanner has been unlucky three times, actually. And after three ex-wives, he's sworn off love forever. When one of those ex's calls him to say her dog has brought home something very strange, he's forced into a case with the beautiful investigator Isadora Reeves. Isadora has her own demons, but she proves to be Will's match in every way. Despite their resolve to remain single, they're drawn together as they work to solve this unusual case. I was surprised to be so sympathetic to a character with three ex-wives, but Will came across as a lovable hunk of a sheriff who just hasn't found the right girl until now.

The only thing lacking in both stories were some grammatical issues and typos here and there, and the conflicts could have been a little more challenging for the characters to overcome. Overall, though, the lovable characters endeared me to them right away. The strongest point of both stories was the humor, which Ms. Jones generously infused throughout. It's rare that I read stories that make me laugh and touch my heart all the way through.

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