Monday, February 6, 2012

New Author Series for March!

Hey authors!

Yeah, you...the one with the thick glasses and "I are serious" profile pic. March means spring. Spring means new beginnings. In almost every interview I've done, I've been asked about story beginnings.  This is a topic a lot of aspiring authors are curious about.

I thought it would be a great time on Unwritten to host guest posts about how YOUR stories are born.

Possible topics to discuss...

Inspiration: Where do you get your ideas? Does Little Orphan Annie whisper them to you in your dreams? Are you inspired by travel, work, or family settings? Have other books or movies inspired your work?

Planning: Are you a plotter or a pantser? Do you do months of research before you write a word or research as you go? Do you prepare an extensive outline? Do you use any plotting software?

Routines: Do you write the same time each day? Do you write in the coffee shop or your home office? Shoot for a specific word count every hour? Do you have to have a Tab and a Kit-Kat within reach as you write? Do you write alone or in cahoots with critique partners?

I'll schedule posts on a first come, first serve basis. Look at the schedule below, comment here, and let me know which date you'd like. I'll edit the list as dates are taken. As soon as you have a guest post ready, please send to mystiparker (at) yahoo (dot) com. Along with it, please send your profile pic (I are serious or not-so-serious, doesn't matter), a short bio, book cover(s), and any links (buy, blog, website, Twitter, etc) you'd like to share.

March 1--Leanore Elliott
March 2--Bree Donovan
March 5--Chrystalla Thoma
March 6--Ruby Standing Deer
March 7--Dan Wright
March 8--Diana Hardy
March 9--Ashlynne Laynne
March 10--Mark Tierno
March 12--Raven McAllan
March 13--Ian Scott
March 14--Lindsey R. Loucks
March 15--J. Andrew Jansen
March 16--Jenny Twist
March 19--BC Sirrom
March 20--Tori L. Ridgewood
March 21--J.A. Beard
March 22--Stefanie J. Pristavu
March 23--Alyssa Reyans
March 26--Lizzy Ford
March 27--Laurel Wilczek
March 28--Ninfa Hayes
March 29--Anna James
March 30--Doris O'Connor

Thanks in advance for participating! ~Mysti


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Myst,

      If March 27th is open. I'll take that.


      Laurel Wilczek

  2. Hiya.

    I'd like March 7th if that's still free! I'd be more than happy to give this a go. Thanks.

  3. I R Srs Lemur.

    Can I take the 15th?


  4. Only serious lemurs need apply ;) You got it!

  5. I'm brand new here via Romance Novel Junkies (and NICE header design!) Can I have March 8th?
    Dianna Hardy

    1. Got it. Thanks Dianna! The header fits my next book to a T :)

    2. Very interesting! You've got some great sounding books. Thanks for the date - I'll get the blog post to you in a few days. x

  6. Can I have March 30th please :-)

  7. can /i have March 10th please? many thanks

  8. duh sorry 12th, too tired to press correct keys

    1. On the 12th, of course. I'm too tired too :)

  9. This is a great idea! Could I do March 14th?

  10. March 23 Alyssa reyans
    March 26 Lizzy ford???

    1. I'm assuming these are authors you're working with, so yes, I'll put them both down for those dates. Thanks Jenn!

    2. Yep.;)
      Although it would be interesting to just start signing people up (in their end ) :p

  11. Could you put me on for March 20?

    Or 21, if someone has beaten me to it?


  12. I'll have 16 or 19 if one is still free

  13. Hi, I'd like March 28th or 29th if either is available :) It is also coincidentally the release of my first book "Bites" in e-book format so it would be a fantastic time for me :)
    Thank you
    Ninfa Hayes xxx

  14. March 19th or 21, please.

    Thank you!

  15. Ok, you're up on the 19th! Thanks!

  16. You are such a star, Mysti. Thank you

  17. ha ha Raven's comments threw me ... not me but another Raven. Phew lol

  18. Guess the 22nd is mine :) Thanks for doing this Mysti!


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