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March Author Series #1: The Wicked Muse by Leanore Elliott

      I'm thrilled to announce the kickoff of the March Author Series about story beginnings. All this month, you'll hear straight from the authors about how they are inspired, how they plan, and how they develop routines to keep their writer muscles in good shape. Please come leave comments and show these authors some love. First up is Leanore Elliott, who is lucky enough to have her very own muse on tap...


Mysti had a wonderful idea to have a blog-spot about what gets us to write or how we write. My story within the story is highly unusual and it was exciting when I realized it.

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I had a long saga, which I wrote on for years, and it finally was published in 2010. I carried that story around to 20 states for 10 years in an old tattered backpack. It became The Soul Trilogy published by Silver Publishing. The story did in fact come to me in dreams.

Later, I sat down to write my new series. The Beasts. I had an idea for a Cop/Psychic story and together they chase Serial killers. Great idea, right?

Well, the story took a total turn on me at chapter two. I went WHOA, wait up!

It became a human-gargoyle story and took off like a shot of light. I couldn't type fast enough. I finished three full novels in 9 weeks time. I went through two keyboards too. I called it my Erotic Epiphany.

While editing them, I realized that I had come up with almost a new supernatural race and a completely new world in the Paranormal genre. I did some research and was stunned to find a lot of things I wrote followed ancient legends already in existence. One was the name of the main character Lycian. I found in turkey there was a 100 mile path called The Lycian Way, where in the old days, if you walked it at night, you would be plucked up by Gargoyles never to be seen again. I picked the very name for my character that belonged to that path!

Well, beta readers and reviewers were asking where do you get these fantastic tales? They are so fresh and so unique not like anything they have ever read.

I began to get a spooky feeling, like maybe I could not have come up with such great stuff!
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Next, I set down for my third series and came up with Nowhere, Arizona Published by Knight Romance Publishing.

Again, I had this idea about an Indian Ghost Warrior, because I actually lived at one time down the road from that very place. (A town named Nothing) I began to write and AGAIN? The story took off on its own! It became this magnificent tale of the Sunset Warrior. Sexy hot and erotic. I went and researched I found the very man, I had thought I invented, derived from a Legend that actually existed in the Hualapai Indian Tribe. His name was Anzai. My character's Indian name was Ananza!

I also noticed within other stories, elements which I previously knew nothing about.

With one story, a reviewer said it showed such in depth research. I was like…Um— no. LOL
Finally, I realized I had a real boneified Whisperer of stories. A real live Muse and she's channeling stories through me! I run to catch up as it spins and always feel the fear that I may miss something as if I am a court stenographer typing down what everyone is saying.

My own imprint is now named Wicked Muse Publishing.

I dropped my own legal first name from my titles and gave her the name of Leanore Elliott. She wanted that name and feels as if she were the ever-elusive Lenore from Edgar Allen Poe's "Quote The Raven."
And for all I know? SHE IS!

I have Eleven Books out under the name of Leanore Elliott. Believe me when I say, her Tales are truly Magic.

Bonnie Lea (Leanore) Elliott writes from her desk in a home overflowing with family and warmth. Her path to authorhood has been a long one. However, she has just recently seen the light with some great sales and recognition for her books. One of her works just recently won The PRG Reviewers Choice Award of 2011.

Happily married for many years to her first love, she has been lucky enough to have a busy rewarding life filled with kids and wonderful memories. She and her author husband have lived all over the US and have moved at least 150 times. Originally from Palm springs California, she  now lives in the Hill country in Texas.


  1. Great interview! I have Nowhere Arizona and can't wait to read it. Off to share!

  2. Awesome! I love learning about my favorite authors! I've read all of Leanore's books out right now and enjoyed each and every one of them. I love the fact I was able to read from her beginning works on. It tells so much (to me) about the writer and I have to say she is very refreshing. So original, creative and knows how to spice things up :)

    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I like learning where other authors get their inspiration and ideas. Good interview.

  4. Ha ha ha. As always, you were very entertaining. Your muse strikes again!!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Sandy, Rene, Dicey, and Ashlynne!

  6. Wonderful interview! It's too eerie for those things to have happened to be coincidences. I'm positive you're writing in the genre you're meant to. I've read almost all Leanore's books and they are unique PNR stories and spicy to boot. If you haven't read any of her books yet, you're in for quite a treat.

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  7. Great first post. Look forward to coming back every day.

  8. Thanks for commenting, Lea Ellen and Ian!

    1. I want to thank the Ultra creative Mysti for having me here! I also wanted thank people for taking the time to show up and comment! I love that and Leanore likes it as well! LOL

  9. Great interview. I love how you give credit to your muse. :) There was another author, Taylor Caldwell, I believe, {she has long since passed through the veil}, who talked about her stories and characters coming to her through her dreams. She was a woman who claimed that much of the details she included in her books came from "knowing." :)
    What a wonderful ability!

    Laurel (Raven)

    1. Raven: I have heard of this author but never knew that. people think I am kidding or it may be a gimmick. Nuts for talking about Leanore in the third person. Chuckle. When all along? I am totally serious, lol. Thank you for giving me the knowledge that I am not the only one


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