Friday, March 23, 2012

March Author Series #17: Messenger of the Written Word by Alyssa Reyans

Do the voices in your head keep yelling at you until you HAVE to write down what they say? Then, you might share something in common with Alyssa Reyans and others like her (me), who live only to dictate what the muse of the hour tells us to write. Read on!

Messenger of the Written Word

 First I’d like to thank Mysti for having me. It still seems weird to consider myself an “author”. Even though I look at my book 250 2 times a day on Amazon. While I have many inspirations for the words that filter from my fingers to the world, I still can’t see myself as a writer. For me I’m only a messenger between the world of words and the world of ears. I write the words the voices in my head tell me to write. At times I have little say over which words come out and which ones stay in. This has often caused many an argument because I am the one that has to defend the message even though I’m not really the one who said it. I merely repeated it. I’m sure by now you probably think I’m just totally insane.

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You’re not too far off if you have that thought.  For insanity is the inspiration behind much of my writing. You see, I’m a memoir writer. I’ve recently begun writing my memoir, Chronicles of A Fractured Life. To look at me on the outside, you can’t really see the broken parts or the pieces held together by worn out tape. I look pretty whole and complete. On most days I am, but on others I’m not. I’ve finally realized there’s nothing wrong with wearing clothes made of worn out tape. It’s rather different and I quite like being different. I see the world through a unique pair of eyes and ears. Windows and doors open for me that are closed for others.

There was a time I feared those opened windows and doors but no longer. I’ve learned to harness them. A little.

But the biggest inspiration of all is my children. It is the hope my words will be the connecting piece of the puzzle that brings us back together. If that means releasing the words and syllables trapped inside of me out into the world, then so be it. I shall be the messenger for the written word. And someday maybe my children will see those strung together syllables and know they were the inspiration behind it all. They’ll realize how loved and cherished they were, and they’ll know that even though I wasn’t there, my love for them always was.

Love and insanity along with the occasional lust, those are my inspirations. What are yours?

Alyssa Reyans is an American expat. Originally from the deep south, she converted to Islam in 1994 and moved overseas in 2005. In 2008, she met the love of her life, married him, and has been keeping him hostage ever since. She currently resides overseas with her husband and two cats where continues her daily battle with mental illness and the ghosts of her past.

As a special thank you to Mysti and all of her followers for having her, she's having a giveaway on her blog for a signed paperback copy of the first book in her memoir series, Letters from A Bipolar Mother, and a $10 Amazon gift card. To enter, just visit her site and enter via rafflecopter.  
                                                    **Open to US residents only** 


  1. Thanks Misty for having me it was a great pleasure :-)

  2. Hi Alyssa,

    LoL. How many times did you check Amazon? I have a friend who likes to use her kids' computers to check her numbers on Amazon. Like those guys are peeking at her to see how many times she looks? lol. I believe the best stories come out of being aware of our own uniqueness in this world. I often think that our words left behind will speak to our children in a way we never could speak to them in person. As they grow older and return to those words, they will be better able to understand the things we said or did.

    Good luck with your memoir.

    Laurel W.


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