Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Author Series #10: Somehow I Still Have My Eyebrows: A Writing Routine by Lindsey Loucks

Do you have any weird writing quirks? What does your writing routine look like? Meet Lindsey Loucks, a fab YA author, who's sharing her very unique writing habits. Read on and show some love!

Somehow I Still Have My Eyebrows: A Writing Routine

            My pessimist half is laughing at me right now. In between chuckles, it’s asking, “What writing routine? You haven’t written anything in weeks!” Excuse me while I grab the duct tape.

            *bites tape from roll and smacks a strip onto pessimist’s mouth*

            There we go. All better. Pessimist is right, though. I haven’t written anything in weeks, but that’s all part of my routine. Even though life often gets in the way of writing, I can still think about my stories and characters. They all need to marinate in my brain for a while and eventually drive me crazy enough so I have to put pen to paper. I try to hold off on the crazies until summer vacation when I have the time and energy. I’m a K-12 librarian, by the way. Go Wildcats!  

Not Lindsey's actual eyebrows.
            Anyway, during summer vacation, I try to wake up before noon. Please don’t hate me. I’m nocturnal, and I can’t help it. My stomach has to be full and my face has to be washed before I can even think about writing. A dirty face is a frowny face. Notice how I didn’t mention a shower or changing out of my pajamas. Those things may or may not come later because I’m losing precious time! I only have a summer to write my novel! Don’t judge.

            With a fresh can of diet pop at the ready, I sit at the kitchen table with my notebook and pen. I’ve tried writing at the computer to save me time, but I’m too focused on correct spelling, punctuation, or the perfect verb to get the story out. The words don’t flow as well as with paper and pen.

            There has to be absolute silence while I write. No music. No crying cat (that means you, Jesse). Just the sound of my pen scribbling across the paper.

            I write and write and write, then I stare off into space. This is where things really get weird. Are you ready? Okay. Here we go. While my brain churns over the next scene, I pluck out stray eyebrow hairs. It helps me think. I guess. I don’t really know. But soon I’m scribbling away again, and somehow I still have eyebrows! Yay! *throws confetti* Hurray for still having eyebrows!

            In the evenings, I type my chapters, then get them ready to post to my lovely critique group. One of my critique buddies looks a lot like the fantabulous Mysti Parker. Hi, Mysti! Thanks for letting me be here!

Lindsey R. Loucks writes horror, dark fantasy, dark comedy, and whatever else dark she can think up. She is currently querying her second young adult novel. Her  short stories have appeared in Work Literary Magazine, WeirdyearThe Red AsylumEvery Day Fiction, and will appear in a future issue of Yellow Mama. 

Twitter - @LindseyRLoucks


  1. Yay, Lindsey! I used to chew on pencils, until I got the pen-like variety :D I don't really write on paper anymore, because I'm well too aware that I can't spell. And it now bothers me.

  2. Hi Lindsey, I write in the mornings these days. Come lunchtime, I'm usually worn out from the concentration needed. Besides which, at my age I now need a nap. The very best of luck with you're writing. :)

  3. I love the scary picture of the eyebrow! :D Thanks for having me, Mysti.

    Stef - I see your point about the paper thing. Would it help if you purposefully misspelled words on the paper to trick yourself?

    Jack - Writing wears me out, too. Thank goodness for caffeine!

  4. I still write on paper longhand... mostly when I get a bit stuck... Great post. Those eyebrows look so freaky.

  5. Hi Lindsey,

    Well, I am amazed you still have eyebrows. Heh. That guy in the picture ought to visit you when you write. I think it's great that you use pen and paper. Those are tools that will always be available, even in a blackout.

    I'm a night owl, myself. Something about the dark inspires great ideas. :)

    Fun post!



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