Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review of To Love and Trust Again by Anna James

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Are office romances a bad idea? This contemporary romance by Anna James explores that concept in a heart-twisting tale that might make you think twice about winking at that cute guy at the water cooler.

Molly Quin is a young woman who has just snagged her dream job at an engineering firm. The trouble is, she must work alongside her ex-boyfriend, Dan Berringer, whom she left three years ago when he broke her heart.

It really wouldn't have been so bad. Molly was willing and able to be professional and courteous toward him, but on her very first day of work, Dan makes it clear that he wants her back.

Molly is torn. Dan seems sincere, yet she still keeps her distance. All might have been fine again, but she's caught the eye of another super-hunk of a co-worker, Max McDermott. What's a girl who's gun-shy about love to do?

I like that Molly kept working hard despite her conflicts and the whole thing didn't devolve into some drama-fest like you'd see on Jersey Shore or some other cheap reality show. She handled herself in a realistic manner, while not focusing solely on herself, and still cared about the people around her (like her sister and best friend).

I have to admit, though, that the guys confused me at first. Perhaps that was Ms. James' sneaky intention. The only other negative I found was a lot of mis-communication at the end that sat on the verge of being unrealistic.

Other than those minor things, I enjoyed this short novel by Anna James. The characters are likable, the pace moves along well, and there a few nice love scenes that are tastefully done. If you're a contemporary romance lover, do check this one out!

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