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D is for Dark Seeds by LMFields

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Day 4 brings us a story I've had the pleasure of seeing unfold in a couple of F2K sessions (a six week writing course) and is soon to be published by the lovely and talented Floridian author LMFields. Read on to see how... 

D is for...Dark Seeds

The Dark Seeds series is set in our future, after the Great Shift, after the New World Order has destroyed freedom and has strengthened its foothold in every nation. But hell has  yet to unleash its fury as the Dark Seeds near their goal. Only a gifted few, from extraordinary genetic lines, carry the hope within them to save humanity from a storm unlike any the world has every known. Crows Hill is Adina's story, the first to unfold.

Crows Hill

         Degeneration, destruction, death; these were the words I highlighted as a child. The evil I imagined I would destroy. I had always dreamed of becoming President, I just imagined my story being very different.

          First came the Agenda. It was put in action long before the american continents became one. The Great Shift of 2012 ushered in the chaos; the natural disasters added to the final economic collapse. The indoctrinated youth fueled the fires politicians started. The groomed presidents were all part of the game, instigator or hero, they have always been pawns.

          So who are they? I should have asked this question long ago. I learned there are many, too many, all serving the Agenda; a 400 page document for the implementation of a New World Order. Depopulating the earth to a mere five hundred million is only one of its many directives. I used to think it didn’t matter. I was honored to be the first President of Newmerica. My beautiful, and very pregnant, first lady was always by my side, the people loved us, and the world seemed wonderful, but even the Age of Camelot had to end.

          The veil lifted from eyes the day of the UN summit meeting. I woke to the nightmare I helped usher in. All the political elite, their associates, anyone part of the plan, we were far from danger when Washington was hit. Even as I write this, I can still see the devastation and hear the cries for help, but I never saw my dear wife again. I realized too late; everything mattered. I couldn’t save what I loved most because I refused to face my personal demons. That was my cross to bear, many painful years ago.

I’m well into what should be my third term in this Age of Reason; voting no longer exists, pregnancies must be approved, and worshiping a Christian God is treason, punishable by fire or beheading. There are whispers of soulless creatures engineered by a shadow group; failed experiments continue to feed their crows. My trusted scouts still send their reports though they are few and far between.

          I walk a fine line between this dark world and the light. There was always plenty of room to give up, even yesterday, I confess I questioned my own existence, but not today. Today I write in my journal with renewed hope. Donavinci sent word: MONOCLE… ACTIVATED… MECHAN… FOUND. Prayers are always answered, I must learn to be patient and wait. I’m on my way now, back to New York. To view the video that was captured. I believe again, like I did once as a child. I will see this through… even to my last breath, I will see freedoms light shine once more.

The little girl who sat on the bench during recess was the same girl who composed her first song in kindergarten, drew her first world, and wrote her first story, after Star Wars inspired her. I’m all grown up now and Crows Hill will be my first published short novel. My life-long struggle with Epilepsy changed my focus this year to write novellas so maybe I wouldn’t lose the story before a seizure wiped it all away. I hope my dreams might inspire you; for anything is possible as long as you believe. Live, learn, leave a beautiful mark. LMFields

Visit LMFields at: Spark Inspire Publishing House


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination and inspiration!

    I hope you go on to write many novellas. Don't ever lose that little girl writing down stories at recess!

  2. you are doing it!!! Congratulations - can't wait to see this whole series (and your wonderful cover art too!) I wish you all the best - you deserve every success and the moon!

  3. A very inspiring story, LM. And I love the cover, too! Best of luck! :)

  4. Intriguing series now begun -- and an inspirational author at the wheel - or rather, keyboard!
    I'm read to read....

  5. Awesome concept and intro to the story. Love it!


  6. WOW, LM!!! What a great beginning to your novella. All I can say is: MORE please!!!

    The story of the little girl writing stories during recess is extremely inspiring and I'm very glad you shared it. Keep writing!!

  7. Wow, thank you everyone! I wish I could tell you this moment that the book is up and live on Amazon now but I had a seizure in the last moments of editing... so it won't be up til this weekend... if not sooner. Just for those interested and wondering, the prologue is a little taste for what the series is about. Each book will showcase a different character in the series. Set in our future, after the Great Shift, the New World Order has destroyed freedom and has strengthened its foothold in every nation, but hell has yet to unleash its fury as the Dark Seeds near their goal. Only a gifted few, from extraordinary genetic lines, carry the hope within them to save humanity from a storm unlike any the world has ever known. Adina's story is the first to unfold in this series. I hope you enjoy this first novella for the series. Thank you everyone for all the kind words! I am excited. :) LMFields


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