Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for...Rose Bouquet by Deborah Plaugher

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Today's post was inspired by an everyday scene of a man carrying a bouquet of flowers. Little things like that can inspire your writing muse if you let them. And, if you can read this flash fiction piece by Deborah Plaugher and not say "Awww" at the end, I will wonder if you've had a lobotomy. Read on!

R is for...The Rose Bouquet

Jeremy left the florist quickly, having no time to spare. His wife of 10 years awaited him at home, ready to celebrate their anniversary tonight with a special evening out.

He arrived home at 6 pm, expecting to see Stacey ready and waiting for him impatiently. Instead, she was just stepping out of the bath; gratefully, he used this extra time given him to make a special display of the roses he'd just purchased.

He went searching for the prettiest vase he could find and proceeded to fill it with water. He removed the wrapping from the bouquet and arranged them in the vase after cutting off the ends about an inch from the bottom. He added the special powder that feeds the flowers and keeps them fresher longer.

Now, he wanted them to be the first thing Stacey saw as she entered the dining room. He wanted to see her reaction to the roses before she saw him. He then took his seat on the sofa and nervously waited.

Meanwhile, upstairs in their master bath, Stacey had taken a long, leisurely, lavender-filled bubble bath and was applying her make-up, doing her hair and deciding what to wear for this very long-awaited evening out. She chose Jeremy's favorite, a black to-the-knee dress, open-toed shoes and a light burgundy shawl.

When Stacey was finally satisfied with how she looked, she headed out their bedroom door and down the staircase. She wondered if Jeremy had returned from work yet, as she hadn't heard a sound from  downstairs since she'd gotten out of the bath.

As she reached the bottom of the staircase she noticed the lights on in the front of the house. “Hmm...he must be home. Why so quiet?” she mused.

As Stacey crossed the Living Room and approached the door to the Dining Room, she was still wondering where Jeremy was when she saw it; A huge bouquet of 2 dozen Roses, beautifully displayed on the kitchen table, with rose petals strategically placed around the vase with a card leaned up against it!

She let out a gasp, and that was what Jeremy heard before he saw her face light up at the sight of those gorgeous roses! Then, at the sound of the clearing of his throat, she turned to see him watching her with a look of sheer delight and love in his gray/blue eyes! This would be an anniversary they would not soon forget!


Wife.  Mother.  Homeschooler.  Notary Public.  Bookkeeper.  These are just some of the different hats that Deborah Plaugher has worn through the last 29 years.

Now, she's a budding writer and has also found a love of Editing of all things. With her 3 children grown, (well, almost, with her youngest 17 years old and finishing up her junior year in High School), Deborah is beginning to focus on some of those 'other' things that bring her great joy.

She loves working from her home office, setting her own schedule and earning income in her own way.

Visit  for all your editing needs and to read her blog.  


  1. What a lovely story, Deborah. I really enjoyed it!

  2. Lovely story. Reminds of several anniversaries with my husband. He loves to surprise me with roses and candy "Just Because" and brings them to work to give to me. Then he likes to hear the other girls at work asking if it's our anniversary, my birthday, or "what did he do that he has to make up for?" I've married a true romantic.

  3. Glad to know you, Deborah :)Who can resist roses?

  4. Ah, true love -- this man of your story has enviable connections to his emotional, romantic side. I felt the tension as he waited, her total surprise and the love that radiated between them. Roses and Romance -- good for "R"

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