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It's Release Day!!!

"'Serenya's Song' is a masterpiece." ~Jenny Twist, author of Domingo's Angel

Serenya’s Song Available Now!

***For a LIMITED TIME***

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I'm so happy to announce the second book in my Tallenmere fantasy romance series, Serenya's Song, available now from Melange Books!

In case you’re wondering, Tallenmere is a fantasy world that is rather Tolkienesque. In the first three books, the focus is on the elves, whereas in The Lord of the Rings, our pointy-eared protagonists existed as more of a whimsical side plot. If you enjoy fantasy mixed with sensual romance, you'll enjoy this series!

Readers from every corner of the world fell in love right along with Caliphany and Galadin in A Ranger's Tale and felt the twang of Jayden Ravenwing's broken heart. Now, Jayden, the sexy wood-elf secret agent, gets another shot at love.

Take a look at the blurb and this exciting excerpt to see what's in store for him and his perfect match:

In the fantasy world of Tallenmere, no one ever said love was easy...
Serenya Crowe may be a half-elf commoner, but she's no ordinary woman. With the ability to interpret dreams, and a birth defect that forces her to wear gloves, she's endured gossip and the cruelty of her husband, Sebastian, The Earl of Summerwind. All she's ever wanted is to live a quiet life and raise a family. When she meets the new stranger in town, her world and her heart, are turned upside down.
Wood-elf Jayden Ravenwing is an ex-secret agent who wants nothing more than to forget matters of the heart. He left the bustle of Leogard and his failed marriage to make a fresh start in Summerwind. He never planned to fall in love again, especially with the enchanting Serenya Crowe.
When a strange portal opens on the Crowe property, Jayden is thrown into an investigation, knowing that if he fails, Serenya and everyone in the town may die.
Together, he and Serenya must overcome an ancient evil, and their own inner demons, to save Summerwind and find the love they've always dreamed of.

Excerpt from Chapter 25:

Jayden caught my gaze. “What is it?”
 “Only that…I wish this dance would never end.”
 “Maybe it doesn’t have to.” He pulled me close, and his lips brushed my ear. “I love you, Serenya. And I’ll do whatever it takes to prove it to you.”
Pain squeezed my heart. In Jayden’s arms, I felt safe, warm, and wanted. The beauty of his words rushed through me, but they were bittersweet, not knowing what the future held. It was too easy to get lost in the illusion. But, just for a little while, I let go and welcomed the feelings I’d tried to suppress for so long.
We moved as one, like the time we spent in his cabin. Heaven itself couldn’t outshine the tiny space we occupied on the dance floor. The crowded ballroom faded to a backdrop for our masterpiece. Every step composed the notes of our secret melody. We searched each other’s eyes with an unflinching song of hope and possibility.
Whispers cut through our heaven and slashed at my happiness.
“Look at the poor thing. Couldn’t have a baby.”
“I’d wager forty gold the Earl has a bastard child somewhere.”
The dance ended. Everyone applauded in polite appreciation for the musicians. I shook my head to try to clear the voices.
Jayden took my hand. “Are you all right?”
“I think so.”
“I’ll walk you to the bar.”
I put my arm in his and let him lead me there. The voices kept coming.
“Wonder if that wood-elf’s ever seen her claws. He’d run screaming for the hills if he had.”
Jayden leaned close to my ear. “It’s time. I’ll be right back.”
I nodded. He slipped through the crowd toward the ballroom entrance. I scanned the room and pinpointed cliques of guests several feet away. Their whispered voices shouldn’t have been audible, but I watched their lips move as they spoke.
“The Earl’s a saint for marrying her. Or a martyr.”
 I wanted to run outside and bury my head in the cool garden soil.
 I put my hands to my ears and whispered, “Stop it, stop it, stop it.”
 The voices died down to a dull drone. Was Lilly wrong? Was I mad after all? A sharp trumpet blast startled me. The crowd parted for a small procession of clowns, acrobats and musicians from the Traveling Opera. Cheers and laughter grew in volume as the people stopped to look.
 I’d completely forgotten that I’d arranged this part for Lilly. She stepped over to me, lifting her shoulders with an incredulous shrug.
         I smiled apologetically. “Surprise!”

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Five Stars From Jenny Twist, author of Domingo’s Angel:


  1. Congratulations on publishing your second book! I'm still working on volume two of my trilogy, but I'm hoping to release it this year.

    I had a Twilight Zone moment reading your excerpt because of the names of your characters (I haven't had the pleasure of reading "A Ranger's Tale" yet.) My MC is named Jaylan and his love interest is Sulana. Not too far off from Jayden and Serenya!

    Best of luck with your new book.

  2. They say great minds think alike :) Best of luck with your series, Daniel!!

  3. Congrats, Mysti! :) Look forward to reading :)

    1. Way to go, girl!!! Very intriguing piece of story you left us with. I already feel empathy for Serenya!

      Best of Luck!

    2. Thanks Bree! I sure hope my readers will enjoy this one!

  4. Replies
    1. I bow in your general direction, critique partner extraordinaire! I couldn't have pulled off these first two books without you!! Muah!!

  5. Congratulations! :) I'm in the middle of Serenya's Song right is fabulous.

    1. Yay! So glad you like it, Nora. Can't wait to hear your thoughts :)

  6. Way to go, Girlie!!! I'm so happy for you!!! I can't wait to read it. :) :) :)


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