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A is for...Alzheimer's Disease by Georgianna Grant

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Our first post is from Georgianna Grant, who wrote a very poignant flash fiction piece about Alzheimer's Disease. It's especially touching to me, since my grandmother lost her fight with AD back in 1991. Please be generous with comments and read on!

Alzheimer’s Disease

 I am alone, abandoned,  anonymous. What the hell am I doing sitting alone on this plane? Why can’t I remember? Am I crazy? Where is Abby? Where has she gone? Who is that lovely lady who brought me here and who the hell is sitting in Abby’s seat next to me. And why am I strapped in like a prisoner. I have to get out of here but I don’t know how to get rid of this damn leash that’s holding me down.
Holy Good God …. what is that roaring noise? And why are we moving so fast? We’re going much too fast. I struggled to get up but the dam leash has me locked in place. Someone, help me please.  

The lady sitting in Abby’s seat reached over to me and placed her hand over mine. “Shh, shh, shh, … “it’s okay,” she said. “It’s the plane taking off. We’re going to be fine. Just try and relax and we’ll be safely in the air in just a few minutes.” 

 She stroked my hand and arm and smiled at me as she whispered comforting words. I was happy to have her next to me but I had no idea who she was. She was very pretty, with shocking white hair that framed her kind, wrinkled face. She had a sweet smell of lilacs about her that reminded me vaguely of someone I knew a long time ago.  Her piercing blue eyes held such deep sadness that it unnerved me a bit more and it was difficult to hold her gaze. She continued to caress my hand and I could feel the anxiety slowly drifting away and I was able to relax. I put my head back against the head rest and fell into a welcomed sleep.

I awakened to the Captain’s strong voice telling us we were fifteen minutes from our destination, Denver, Colorado.  He told us the temperature on the ground was a mellow 70 degrees and it was a beautiful day.  He thanked us for flying Delta and wished us a good day.

I opened my eyes and stretched my cramped arms and legs.  

Abby turned tentatively to me and said, “Hello there … how are you feeling?”

“Just fine,” I answered. “It was a very smooth flight, wasn’t it?”  

She nodded her head and asked me if I remembered feeling confused before we took off. 

I replied, “Of course not. … why do you ask.?”  

She smiled quietly and gently reminded me that sometimes the Alzheimer’s Disease plays funny tricks on my mind.

She took my hand and said, "Let's go home."


Retired IBM human resource management.  Recent widow and will always be sad without my beloved John.  Eight and wonderful kids, fully grown into caring, sensitive adults with full lives of their own.  I've always loved words, reading, people and politics.  (Perhaps not today's politics quite so much!)   Writing and striving to improve takes a whole lot of time and is excellent "therapy" for me. I force myself to walk away from my computer after a few hours to avoid total addiction.  So many happy life memories and stories to be told.  Other's writing humble me and make me anxious to reach and spread higher.  I have no book cover to send and no wish to ever be published.  I write because I love it and for personal growth and satisfaction.Visit Georgianna's blog:


  1. A piece that brought up memories of my aunt who suffers from AD, awesome, thanks for sharing.

    1. Georgianna, First let me say that is one of my favorite names. So, of course with a name that lovely, you would write something so touching!

      I'm very sorry to hear of your husband, (and your gran, Mysti) but you do your family a great honor with your words. I've always believed that publication isn't the true end game, but expressing one's self and connecting with others.

      Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. My husband's grandfather suffered from Alzheimers befor ehe died. It was a devastating disease, especially since his body was so healthy. I was quickly drawn in to the story - very compelling.
    Stopping by from the A-Z challenge. Good luck with it.

  3. Wow, beautiful and utterly sad. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Georgianna, your post is a powerful testament to the lovely people that are affected by Alzheimers. I work as a registered nurse in a nursing home where many of our residents are afflicted by the disease. It can be tragic to watch their decline, despite everything that we do. We must find joy in the time that they have, in the little achievements that become smaller and smaller until just the act of brushing their hair or feeding themselves is remarkable. Thank you for sharing this glance at the destruction Alzheimer's Disease wreaks.

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  7. A sad, yet warm tale. The details put me right on the plane with her, lost in an alternate universe where nothing is as it should be and yet, a thread of light remains. The ending tugged at the chords of my heart-harp. Lovely composition, Georgianna. Thank you for participating and posting this story.

  8. A lovely testament to love and endurance. Life really is a journey with moments of great happiness and deep sorrow. You've captured the "lost" feeling of the person suffering from this illness. Very well-written.

    Blessings to you and your family, Georgianna.

    Laurel W.

  9. Hi Georgianna :)

    Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. It's beautifully written and packs an emotional wallop. It made me cry and think of my own granny who died of AD back in 1989. Your sensitive portrayal of both the main character and her caregiver will remain with me. Keep Writing!


  10. This is inspiring. This was one of my father's greatest fears though he did not suffer from it, but he was a man of science; thinking was his ultimate love in life. He suffered from Epileptic seizures, just as I do. We know what it's like to lose our memory and it's devastating. So this touches me heart and I pray daily that others may never have to go through this. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Amazing post for the A-to-Z kick-off. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  12. Thanks to everyone who has commented. Georgianna's piece was a very nice kick-off. :)


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