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W is for...Wispy by Dan Wright

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Golly, I love fantasy critters, and Dan Wright has put a big smile on my face with this one. Plus, it's a little cat creature, and I've been a cat lover ever since I could toddle around and hide kittens under my shirt to sneak them inside. Get ready for cuteness overload and please leave a comment!

W is for...Wispy the Grimalkin

Cats were a much loved animal on Draconica; and were indeed a popular pet amongst many races, due to them being the cuddliest of animals and they had the ability to look after themselves.

But Wispy was more than just your average cat – she was a grimalkin!

Grimalkins were one of the most unique creatures on Draconica – they were one of the first animals that learned to speak human language. How this was possible, no one knew – many believed it had to be down to magic. 

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop many alchemists on the planet using the grimalkin as a basis for magical experiments – creating more talking animals.

As the pet of the Dragonkin family (ruled by Queen Daniar), Wispy lived a very idyllic lifestyle – being fed on regular occasions, given soft pillows to sleep on, and being allowed to come and go as she pleased. Wispy often had ways of getting what she wanted, due to her cute looks. All she had to do was widen her eyes and lower her ears, sometimes letting out a tiny meow and she could melt even the hardest of hearts. She even had formed a pretty good friendship with Daniar’s son, Benji Dragonkin – who was training to be a warrior like his mother.

Yes, life was good for Wispy.

But it wasn’t always that way. Wispy could still remember the days back before now. Days she’d rather forget. The cold rain against her fur, her mothers’ still body that wouldn’t move no matter how many times Wispy rubbed her head against her, Wispy crying in the night whilst trying to shelter from the terror that lurked in the dark.

There wasn’t a day that went by that Wispy didn’t count her blessings on how lucky she was. But she could never forget those days.

(Illustrations by Alexis M Centeno – Story and characters by Dan Wright).


Dan Wright lives in Canterbury, UK with his brother and their cat – although he spends most of his time in a fantasy world! A writer of Fantasy that was strongly inspired by Manga, Dan currently is writing a series of books set in the world of Draconica, where dragons once ruled as gods! He is heavily inspired by medieval fiction, Greek and Egyptian mythology and a few RPG’s. And did I mention his favourite animals are pandas and cats?

He has written two books, Trapped on Draconica and The Wandering Valkyr with more planned for the year. The above is an excerpt of a children’s book that he intends to write in the future. He also reviews books for the website Read2Review and always likes to promote new and independent authors. His favourite book of last year was, believe it or not A Ranger’s Tale.

Please visit his website for more details of his work and reviews.

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  1. I'm a dog person myself, but this was charming. Cats do seem to have a sense of the magical about them.

    I also like how you describe the real plight of so many homeless animals!

  2. I do like all animals - but cats are definate favourite. Hence why I went for this.

    Funny you should mention the plight of homeless animals, when I get round to writing this book in full that will be one of the major themes I want to look at.

    Thanks for letting me take park Misty!

  3. Wispy's adorable, and now I want a Grimalkin :)


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